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Maldin's Greyhawk

Game Mechanics

by Denis Tetreault
 Version 2.6

General 2nd Edition AD&D Goodies and other miscellaneous material...

Spelljammer Campaign Setting

This is the submenu for the Spelljammer section of my website. Here you will find a wide variety of out-of-this-world information!
Encyclopedia Greyhawkania

Here you will find the latest (2003) version of Jason Zavoda's massive index of all things Greyhawk! The Encyclopedia-Greyhawkania is the most complete listing of World of Greyhawk references, put together by Jason over years of hard work. Hosted here with Jason's permission.

Custom 2nd Edition character sheets Character sheet sample - Priest

I've created these character sheets in PDF format for easy printing. These sheets are based on the original yellow 1980 character sheets published by TSR, complete with the "Character Sketch" box. ;-)

Click on the image at left to see a low resolution screen shot of what the character sheets look like.

See below for descriptions of the new characteristics that appear on the sheets.

Perception, and Willpower In my campaign I also use three extra characteristics...
Comeliness (as per the Unearthed Arcana hardcover), Perception, and Willpower.

Spirit Combat Spirit Combat is a new form of mental combat tailor-made for the direct competition between minds/souls associated with outer planar creatures.

Critical Hit Table My custom Critical Hit Table. (Yep, every DM has his own! I'm no exception.)

Maximum # Spells/Level A new chart for Maximum # Spells known per Level for 1st and 2nd Edition wizards based on a wizards intelligence AND level! DUH!!! Am I the only one who believes the maximum number of 1st level spells in a wizard's spellbook should be different between a 2nd level and 22nd level wizard??

Register the Deed Did your players find the deed to a property in their last adventure? And now they want to Register the Deed in their name and move in. Don't pass up the chance for a little fun (and frustrating) roleplaying.

Notoriety Notoriety was a first introduced in WGR6 City of Skulls as an adventure-specific  game mechanic. Here I present a revamped version that allows you to use PC notoriety as an integral part of your entire campaign world.

A Guide to RPG Map Making For advice in RPG Map Making, check out this page. It's purpose is not to discourage anyone from making any kind of maps that they find useful for their own campaigns, but to help potential map makers with a few pointers to get you started.

2nd Edition Combat Computer This modified Combat Computer is a DM aid based on the original from Dragon Magazine #74, an adjustable disk used for calculating "to hit". Also covering the front and back of the disk are tables and other information commonly useful to DMs during play.

2nd Edition Specialty Priests There are no generic "clerics" in my campaign world. Every priest must choose a specific god. Here you will find "prayerbooks" for each specialty priests, with a list of the spells that they are allowed to know, and any special abilities or restrictions that they may have.

Large Luigi, the Orbi, and the Secrets of the Beholders A great mystery hides a long-forgotten secret of the origin and purpose of the beholder species, and that purpose explains the mechanics behind the unusual wildspace beholder-kin known as the orbus. Large Luigi knows this secret, but he's not telling!

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