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Maldin's Greyhawk

Epic Mysteries

by Denis Tetreault
 Version 2.2

Arcane Chronologies of Greyhawk In the Arcane Chronologies of Greyhawk, the original version posted to the Greytalk List on Feb 23, 1998, is the core of a referenced timeline I use to place historical events and the activities of player character parties. Most of it is canon (i.e. matches official TSR publications), but parts are of my own creation or modified canon. I've tried to note in the timeline when this is the case, although I've likely missed some changes. I'll periodically update some of the timeline as I adopt or change new material.

 In one of the subcampaigns I'm currently running, the PC's have embarked on a quest to uncover the secrets behind the destruction of the great Suel and Baklunish Empires during the Rain of Colorless Fire and the Invoked Devastation. They do not know yet where this path will lead them. I do of course! ;-) The next few links contain information developed for (and from) that campaign thread.

The Scroll of Dust While searching the library of a sage, the PC's find a book with an annotated translation of an ancient piece of writing known as the "Scroll of Dust". They immediately decided to try to track down the "earlier, more accurate translation" mentioned in the book. After several dangerous and exciting adventures they finally succeeded, finding another manuscript with the older translation. That second version follows the first "Scroll of Dust" description. Note that in my campaign, Al'Akbar is the name of the god, worshipped by the Baklunish, who created the artifacts known as the Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar, and not the high priest who received the artifacts. Those espousing the alternate view need only change a few words.

Secrets of the Twin Cataclysms Every line in the two "Scroll of Dust" documents really does have some meaning. I've detailed my version of what happened that fateful day, when the two greatest empires Oerth has ever known were utterly destroyed, taking with them half a continent. From these "Secrets of the Twin Cataclysms" you will be able to puzzle out most of what is hidden behind the words in the "Scrolls". But not all... Some things must remain hidden in the dark places of legend to maintain mystery and fascination!

Mechanics of Destruction: Origins of the Twin Cataclysms This article, co-authored by Rick "Duicarthan" Miller and myself, first appeared in the Oerth Journal #22. Mechanics of Destruction: Origins of the Twin Cataclysms expands upon a possible mechanism for producing the effects of the Rain of Colorless Fire and Invoked Devastation, as well as presenting 3rd Edition D&D rules for the spells and artifacts involved during this catastrophe.

The Isles of Woe As you will see throughout my website, the artifact known as the Codex of the Infinite Planes figures prominently in my campaign background. Unfortunately, some of the legends associated with the Codex have become rather confused with the publishing of inaccurate information in several official Greyhawk products.
The story of Yagrax, High Wizard-Priest of the Isles of Woe is one of the legends associated with the Codex. Here I attempt to clarify the true legend.

The Legend of Kyuss Another oft-twisted page from Oerth's distant past is the legend of Kyuss. This article attempts to present a self-consistent history for Kyuss.

Life, the Multiverse, and Everything Did you ever want to know the meaning and origin of All That Is? Here you will find the answers to the Great Question of Life, the Multiverse, and Everything. How did the D&D Multiverse come into existence? Why do we have the laws of physics and magic that we have? Why do they change from plane to plane? Where do mortals and gods fit into the grand scheme of things? This is not about Greyhawk, but the origin of all the planes and everything on them. Nothing less.

Large Luigi, the Orbi, and the Secrets of the Beholders A great mystery hides a long-forgotten secret of the origin and purpose of the beholder species, and that purpose explains the mechanics behind the unusual wildspace beholder-kin known as the orbus. Large Luigi knows this secret, but he's not telling!
Secrets of Mordenkainen and the Circle of Eight Finally, the Secrets of Mordenkainen and the Circle of Eight are revealed, as is the truth behind Rary’s treachery, and a few other fascinating tidbits of Greyhawk lore. If you are a player, do not read this page! (Well, ok... that probably applies to most of my website.)

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