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Maldin's Greyhawk

Greyhawk Locations

by Denis Tetreault
 Version 2.2

The City of Greyhawk
Main Page


The City of Greyhawk is without a doubt the location that defines the World of Greyhawk. The "Gem of the Flanaess", it is the world's largest metropolis, and is a major trading center, political center, learning center, and adventuring center. Here you can see what the 2-by-3-foot poster map I created for the RPGA's Living Greyhawk Campaign looks like, in addition to is an all-new map of the undercity of Greyhawk, and descriptions of new areas. The page contains two images just over 500k in size, so the page may take a while to load! Also, because of the javascript (make sure it is enabled on your browser!), the images will not appear until after the files are finished downloading. When all works properly, location names will pop up when you hover over areas marked by red dots. If all of the hot spots do not work the first time, reload the page (which should only reload the html, and not the large graphics) and it should work fine.  There are instructions at the bottom of the page for downloading the html, java and images if you would like to set up the pop-up-labelled map on your own computer. If you have problems downloading the maps, you can access them directly from here: City of Greyhawk map, Undercity of Greyhawk map.


Secondary pages in the City of Greyhawk section include:

City of Melkot
Main Page
The most detailed area of my home campaign is the City of Melkot, an original city located at hex G5-132 on the large World of Greyhawk maps from the original Folio and Boxed set. Located between the Tors, the Hool Marshes and a spur of the Hellfurnaces, it is a free and independent city built on the profits of gem mining, and the location of an immense castle. You will find Melkot appearing on new maps of the World of Greyhawk published in products beginning with the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer in 2000, and again in the 4 part map from Dungeon Magazine. Yes, this is the Melkot.


Secondary pages in the City of Melkot section include:

Dreadwood Forest An area not far from Melkot, and home to several of my players' PCs, is the Dreadwood Forest. Here you find a little general information about the region, and an adventure-ready, detailed description of an ancient site deep within the remotest part of the Dreadwood, where it all but gives way to the Hool Marshes.

The Irongate Project
Main Page
Begun originally as a webproject by Gary Holian, Erik Mona and myself, the Irongate Project seeks to develop the City of Irongate as a detailed adventure setting. The project has taken several twists and turns since then, including the publishing of an introductory article in Dragon Magazine, but here at the official Project webpage, further development will continue in a variety of directions. This is also where you can have an opportunity to contribute to the World of Greyhawk.


Secondary pages in the Irongate Project section include:

The Southern Yatils The Southern Yatils are the location of two of the best known 1st Edition adventures in the world of Greyhawk... S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth and its sequel WG4 The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun. Greyhawk DMs should not be surprised to know that inconsistencies between the module maps and the World of Greyhawk wall maps make the exact placement of these adventures quite problematical. Here you'll find a map with suggested locations.

Maps of Mystery Maps of Mystery do not represent any particular place, but rather are more versatile maps that DM's can use anywhere they wish in their campaigns.

Greyhawk's Underdark
Main Page

The newest section of my website will explore Greyhawk's Underdark. There is information (and a map) about a large cavern some distance away from the Vault of the Drow that is home to the free city of Khor. The regional survey of the underdark beneath the southwestern Flanaess combines the D-series adventures, the Night Below boxed set, and the 1st Edition Dungeoneer's Survival Guide into one large campaign setting, and includes a layered PDF map that enables DMs to turn layers off and on in order to see the deeper levels of the underdark more clearly.

Secondary pages in the Greyhawk's Underdark section include:

The Wall A little-known location in the southernmost Yatils currently occupied by gnomish priests of Segojan Earthcaller, the Wall is as enigmatic as it is indestructible.

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