September 29th, 2010: Welcome back, Greyhawkers. Last week, and the week before that was the start of my "WHO IS THE CULTISTS?" contest. This week the "smart" cultist squares off against Rudd, demigoddess of luck and skill, in a game of blind, speed chess. This should get ugly quick...

Remember: check after the comic for my usual annotations plus some helpful hints to solve the case of the Cultist's identities.

It's incredible how the cultists went from hopeless failures to competent failures since they've owned the Codex of the Inifinite Planes. Could Fate be on their side? Only Time will tell. Now on to the rest:
1. I'm no chess expert but the research I did should suffice for the sake of the comic. Defenses, Gambits, Blunders, Stalemates, Swindles. It's all part of chess terminology. Look into it if you feel like. It might hold relevant clues.
2. 'Blindfold' chess is when there is no board used by one or both players. Thus, all moves must be mentally tracked and communicated via chess notation. At the speed they played this also demonstrates the level of intellects involved here.
3. It is said Rudd hates cheaters, but in truth her clergy are taught that cheating is a valuable skill to learn. So like they say, "It's only cheating if you get caught." But in chess rules, the art of swindling is not considered cheating. Nevertheless it's still is frowned upon in serious play.
4. Now for some more Cultist clues. Cultist #1 (The smart one) is quite sagely about many topics but in particular, he seems to know nearly everything about the many Planes of existence. His ease with traveling to these places implies that this is more than just book smarts. As for cultist #2 (the punster), he mentioned at Dorakaa that his preferred type of women is not urbanites.
That's enough for now!


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