September 23rd, 2010: Welcome back, Greyhawk Aficionados. If you remember last week, I started my "Who is the Cultists?" contest. This week continues the saga of the two nihilists as they go up against an unlikely foe in Rudd. Let the games begin...

Be sure to check after the comic for my usual annotations plus some helpful hints to get the case of the Cultist's identities started.

And the plot thickens. Let's get right to it:
1. For future reference when I talk about clues, I will call the "intelligent" cultist "#1" and the more "physical" cultist "#2".
2. Now for a few "givens" concerning the two cultists. First, both are canonical NPCs from the World of Greyhawk setting. I'm not pulling any shenanigans here. Second, their actual canonical alignments are not a consideration since their alter egos for this comic are evil. Third, the cultists are not any of the characters that have appeared alongside them in the same comic strip. No shenanigans there either but you'll have to make your own list to eliminate those names.
3. Now some free hints for this week: Cultist #1 is certainly a spellcaster of high level given his overall knowledge of magic, summoning rituals, and his command of the Codex of the Inifinite Planes, an artifact historically owned and used by spellcasters. On the other hand, Cultist #2 has demonstrated no spellcasting ability but he has proved to be proficient with weapons like swords and bows, as recently mentioned this issue.
4. Dragonchess was created by Gary Gygax, and was featured in Dragon Magazine #100. I don't claim to understand the rules, but put plainly it is a 3D chess variant using three boards instead of one. Dragonchess is often mentioned in Greyhawk publications, so it must be particular to the setting. But I don't think it's a stretch to say that standard chess also exists on Oerth since I find it more unlikely Dragonchess was invented without it as a basis.
5. Billiards however, has never been mentioned in Greyhawk as far as I know. Reading the article, it does seem to fit in with the Euro-centric flavor of Greyhawk though.
6. More evidentiary commentary: Cultist #2 is quite cunning actually. He hunted a minotaur in its own maze, fooled an intelligent dancing sword with a pun-off, and had an idea of sneaking into Dorakaa inside a giant wooden skull. Okay that last one was dismissed by cultist #1 as stupid as well. He's batting .300 though!


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