September 16th, 2010: Howdy Greyfiends! Two days ago was my birthday in case you forgot, so please, send belated cake and cookies. I don't ask for much. Anyhow, in honor of my birthday I am launching my endgame this week. Yes, I am referring to the solving and unmasking of the true identities of the Cultists of Tharizdun. Over the next 12 issues I will be pushing Cultists a bit harder than any other topic. I will get more into it at the end of the comic. To see what those two loons have been up to recently check this out. Have fun and good luck!


Yes, even the gods of neutrality are getting involved. And why not? The fate of Oerth is at stake! In the meantime, here are some reference points to address then I'll get to the contest.
1. Mount Celestia and the layer of Mercuria.
2. Bissel
3. Rudd has always been one of my favorite deities to draw. She is quite a powerful foe if you think about it. There's a saying that kind of goes, "I'd rather be lucky than good." Well she is the goddess of BOTH. Oh yes, and she is originally from Bissel.
4. And in case the pun wasn't painfully obvious: Foil

Now for the contest-challenge:


From almost the start of their series, I have had the true identities of these two characters in mind. They are most definitely canon Greyhawk NPCs and they are ones that even a casual Greyhawk fan should be able to research. As to how this mystery can be solved; well over the years I've been slipping clues, references and inferences into their strips that should, with any luck, lead to conclusive proof of their identites. What I propose to do now is make this into a contest. The winner/s will get my standard prize, a 'mortellan original' drawing of one of their player characters.

The rules go like this: You must email me your choices for the two identities of the cultits, but you must also supply one or more clues for each name to prove to me that you have deductive reasoning and aren't just guessing. Think of this like the boardgame Clue except you get multiple tries. Plus! Since more than one person might figure this out, the person who gives me the most well-reasoned argument for the cultist's identity may also receive a "bonus prize". Feel free to email me multiple tries but remember, I only take entries with at least ONE clue attached as proof for each name.

Use this email:

To further help this along, over the next 10 weeks I plan to give out free clues and hints from previous comics. I also encourage reader cooperation in various forums or chatrooms, if there are any questions or clarifications needed regarding the strips or Greyhawk in general. By issue #300 the answer will be revealed however so get your thinking caps on and start re-reading the Cultists series!


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