August 26th, 2010: Well met Greyfanatics. When last we saw the Cultists, they were trapped in the cheek-pouch of Wooly Rupert who was then devoured in turn by the Quazar Dragon along with the entire planet Greela. Yeah epic stuff. All of these events have not gone unnoticed. Check it out...

More at the end of the comic.

1. After we saw the Lords of Evil(tm) use the Hall of Doom I just knew I had to follow it up with the The Hall of Justice for the Lords of Good(tm).
2. The Lords of Good are a fairly straight forward bunch of deities. There's only a couple obscure gods in that lineup in my opinion, and only one who has never appeared in the comic before. To figure out who he is though, you better crack open your copy of The Scarlet Brotherhood.
3. This is not canon but a fun bit of fanon; according to, the planet Greela was blasted into a cluster world around -10,000 Suel Date by a race of reptilian cratures who first brought the Codex to Greyspace. Works for me!
4. The symbol on the podium of the L.o.G. is yet another Greyhawk Glyph. Those who know them will know what it stands for...not that it isn't obvious or anything.
5. It's fitting that the Good deities want to imprison the Cultists like they did to their master, Tharizdun so long ago. So far it's looking like Big T was easier to catch!
6. So the comic ends with yet another cliffhanger. This time on one that nearly revealed the identity of the 'smart' cultist. Coming up soon one of these weeks I plan on starting my long awaited 'Who are the Cultists?' contest. The clues are piling up and I want to reveal the answer around time for my 300th issue. You can start investigating now if you like, but if you happen to figure it out too easily, well, you saw what happened to the Lords of Good(tm)...;)

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