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A website dedicated to the Dungeons and Dragons campaign world of Greyhawk, featuring all-original material from a 35+ year long home campaign. Some of my material has become part of "official" Greyhawk, some builds on official Greyhawk materials, and yet other material goes off in completely new directions. Choose what you will for your own campaign.

I'm especially proud to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of my website. It's grown alot over the years, and I'd like to thank all those people who have encouraged and helped me over the years. I'd especially like to thank mortellan for the awesome comic of Maldin and his assistants about to read from a certain book. Check out mortellan's wonderful World of Greyhawk Comic website.




New Spells and Magic Items Ancient Secrets, Histories, Myths, and Timelines Places of Wonder from the World of Greyhawk


Custom Rules and Game Options All about the site owner, and the 35+ year long home campaign from which much of this site is based


What's New, and how do I get there Fast?

One of the new features of the site since the 2004 overhaul is an active graphical site map on the Site Map and History page that enables you to see exactly what has been added since the move. From there you can easily navigate the entire site, traveling directly to any page, by just clicking on the map. There you can also see if anything new has been added to my website since you visited last.

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Also a requirement for any webpage. But I don't have a separate links page! But I do have a links page that magically updates moved sites, deletes dead links, and constantly adds new and interesting sites. All without me doing any work! Just click on the "Site List" link below for the the Greyhawk Adventures WebRing hubpage, and you will instantly be presented with a list of scores of great Greyhawk websites. Come join the Greyhawk Adventures WebRing if you also wish to have one of these self-maintaining links-page for your own website... links that are as up-to-date as the net can ever be, because the individual site owners control their own links!  Visit the Greyhawk Adventures WebRing Homepage, and drop by the Living World of Greyhawk Homepage while you're in the neighborhood.

Several important websites that should be mentioned outside of the WebRing are:
The Canonfire! Greyhawk hub site
Columbia Games Homepage (not Greyhawk, but as you peruse my website you'll find that I have incorporated some of their excellent HarnWorld material)

Greyhawk Adventures WebRing
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What can you do to help?

If you have enjoyed my site, found it useful for your own campaigns, and would like to make a small donation to help out with hosting fees, please feel free to use the PayPal Donation button.


Thanks and Acknowledgements...

I'd like to extend my most sincere thanks to my long-time friend Eric Price for allowing me to host the previous incarnation of my website on his site from 1998 to 2004, and for maintaining his site much longer then he had intended just so that I would have a chance to move Maldin's Greyhawk properly. I also would like to thank Kent Matthewson for allowing me to use his most excellent Shield of Greyhawk graphic as the centerpiece in my logo you see at the top of this page.

WotC's Home Page, the creators of AD&D  Send me an email if you enjoyed this site!
Send an email to "maldin" at the canonfire.com domain

Since October 6, 1998

All original material on this site is copyrighted by Denis Tetreault, all rights reserved.
Nothing here can be used for monetary gain by anyone.
All registered trademarks concerning Advanced Dungeons and Dragons®, AD&D®, D&D®, Greyhawk®, Spelljammer®, Planescape®, and all other related materials are the property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. (formerly TSR, Inc.®) and their use here is not in any way a challenge to those rights. In fact, I'm hoping this web site raises awareness and increases sales of Wizards' Greyhawk products so that they'll continue to produce quality material for many years to come.
HarnWorld® is a registered trademark of Columbia Games, Inc.®

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