Sepetember 17th, 2009: Welcome back everyone. Lendor's home game continues. Here's a recap of who plays what:
Lendor= D.M., overgod of D&D. (Takes bribes of food)
Olidammara= Cayden Cailean, god of wine, freedom and bravery. (More wine=more bravery)
Heironeous= Iomedae, goddess of justice, honor and valor. (Invented action points)
Pelor= Sarenrae, goddess of the sun and healing. (and sun-tea)
Wee Jas= Shelyn, goddess of love, beauty, music, art, etc. (Optimized for Charisma)

Hmm, on second thought there seems to be a change in the lineup. Check it out and I'll discuss more after the comic.

Poor Lendor. This comic illustrates common caveats to DMing especially changing players mid-campaign. I for one am very familiar with having friends in the military come and go. That is always hard to handle but it makes their occasional returns all the better. Another uncomfortable moment for anyone is introducing a new player and gauging them for their "gamer-experience". Some are more proud of it than others...
Then there is the issue of having enough time for all the players' "side-stuff" when running a series of adventures (usually published ones). Most GMs will try and limit personal agendas to move the game along, but in open ended games I've often seen side-stuff BECOME the adventure.
Player friction and infrequent real-life events interfering with game-night are also weekly concerns that can crop up. With all this stuff to juggle its amazing anyone would want to be DM!

p.s. For the Paizans out there, the parody adventure the gods are playing is a double homage to yes, once again, author Nicolas Logue. ;)

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