December 10th, 2009: Time for another look at Lendor's D&D campaign...As usual here is the current line-up:
Lendor= D.M., overgod of D&D. (The center of attention?)
Olidammara= Cayden Cailean, god of wine, freedom and bravery. (Always in character)
Pholtus= Iomedae, goddess of justice, honor and valor. (Out to win D&D)
Pelor= Sarenrae, goddess of the sun and healing. (and an avid dice collector)
Wee Jas= Shelyn, goddess of love, beauty, music, art, etc. (Seductively synergistic)

ALOT more at the bottom. Enjoy.

Where to start? Oh yeah, the beginning. This little skit demonstrates a typical night at my game table. My friends(and I suspect everyone's) are notorious for getting side-tracked by just about any topic -other than- D&D. It's very odd how the older we get, the later and later we start actually playing RPGs. Eh it's all good though. Now for the particulars in the comic:
1. The following tidbits all come from Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Paths, Curse of the Crimson Throne and Second Darkness.
2. Hellknights seem to be like anti-paladins.
3. The Red Mantis assassins are the most tenacious and feared killers in Golarion.
4. Escape From Old Korvosa is the third in the CotCT series.
5. Shoanti barbarians are a culture of nomads that descended from slaves of the fallen empire of Thassilon.
6. A History of Ashes is the fourth in the Curse series.
7. Skeletons of Scarwall is the fifth in the Curse series.
8. Queen Ileosa Arabasti is the last monarch of the city of Korvosa, the center of conflict in the CotCT series.
9. Crown of Fangs is the sixth and final installment in the series.
10. The modules Shadow in the Sky, Memory of Darkness, Endless Night, Children of the Void, and Descent Into Midnight are all from the Second Darkness AP.
11. Speaking of Paizo mods (heh) the first in the Rise of the Runelords series, Burnt Offerings was so successful that it even inspired a middle school to REALLY put on a play about it. I was pointed out to this neat event back in late November. It's no joke! This link is to some photos from Tom Beckett's stage adaptation of Burnt Offerings. Man I wish D&D had been this accepted when I went to junior high...

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