November 25th, 2008: Sorry everyone, last week I just didn't have the energy to get a comic out, thus ending my pseudo-streak of 197 straight weeks with a new comic. Ah well. Now don't construe this as a sign ol mortellan is about finished (I'm pointing at you Russ). Quite the opposite, I am well planned up to Christmas (Needfest) and I have two new storylines I want to explore in addition to my regular features which are cruising along nicely. One of these new storylines debuts today in two installments this week to make up for my missed comic last time. This new idea is a promise I made to the fine Paizo staff and fans at gencon. Yes, it's a Pathfinder and Greyhawk cross-over. What's more it's a parody of a classic Dragon comic! But enough chat, I shall explain more after you see the comic.
Read on ye gamers and despair!

First off I have to compliment the staff at paizo for their work on the Pathfinder setting. In a year they've put out enough source material for their new setting to make even the Forgotten Realms look lazy. Not surprisingly my favorite book is Pathfinder Chronicles: Gods & Magic by notable deity scholar Sean K. Reynolds. Sean's works in Dragon Magazine have always been a boon to this comic, and now I shall pick on him some more ;). It isn't easy to write mythologies from scratch and in the D&D business much like real life, themes tend to repeat.
Second, I'd like to mention the artists for this excellent book. Wayne Reynolds, my favorite cover artist is featured on this book as he is in most Pathfinder products but this time however I'd like to tip my hat to the interior artists of Gods & Magic: Eric Dechamps, Andrew Hou, Tyler Walpole, and last but not least Eva Widermann. Their gorgeously colored, fully realized deity illustrations will be an inspiration for me to parody for a long time.
Lastly I'd like to point out for those who haven't been readers of Dragon Magazine as long as me, that the "World of Golarion" storyline is at the same time a parody of the classic gaming comic strip Knights of the Dinner Table by Jolly R. Blackburn. Copy/paste style is such a time saver. :)
There's more to come this week and in 2009. See ya on the forums!


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