May 21st, 2009: Okay Greyfans and Pathfinder friends, at long last it's time to check in on Lendor's World of Golarion campaign. As you most likely won't remember(even I have trouble keeping track of what these gods do), the last episode had the players knee deep in an adventure path. Again, here's a recap of who is playing what:
Lendor= D.M., overgod of D&D. (Ao who?)
Olidammara= Cayden Cailean, god of wine, freedom and bravery. (and drunken LARPing)
Heironeous= Iomedae, goddess of justice, honor and valor. (Heironeous: she's hawt)
Pelor= Sarenrae, goddess of the sun and healing. (Pelor: she is literally hawt!)
Wee Jas= Shelyn, goddess of love, beauty, music, art, etc. (Is the true diva here)

Let's check in on their progress. And what is that Lendor has behind his back? Hmm!

p.s. Wee Jas may be among many things the goddess of Law, but she is first and foremost about Magic. And you know what they say about 'sufficiently advanced technology'...
p.p.s. The module parodied below is actually this one, by Nicolas Logue.


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