January 29th, 2009: Welcome back Greyfans! This week we check in on Lendor's gaming table as he continues to DM his new World of Golarion campaign. As you may or may not remember, the last two episodes involved the players making characters. Here's a recap of who is playing what:
Lendor= D.M., overgod of D&D.
Olidammara= Cayden Cailean, god of wine, freedom and bravery.
Heironeous= Iomedae, goddess of justice, honor and valor.
Pelor= Sarenrae, goddess of the sun and healing.
Wee Jas= Shelyn, goddess of love, beauty, music, art, etc.

Now let's see what Lendor has planned for their adventuring party. I hear he is stingy giving out treasure like me. This should be good!

World of Golarion:
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