April 23rd, 2009: It's been a while since we last heard an alliterative tale from Delleb. Well it's not been so long for poor Fharalanghn actually. One of Fharalanghn's many talents according to the 1983 Guide is the ability to summon any one of the following types of elements: dust elemental, earth elemental, magma elemental, or mud elemental. What he can do with these elementals is not mentioned but I'm sure he has some unconventional uses for them...
If you can get through Delleb's latest speech, then check out some more information below.

Gary Gygax was the king of using obscure english words in his writing. For instance everyone knows Obad-Hai's nickname is the Shalm and that he carries a weapon called the Shalmstaff and yes he is even known to play a woodwind instrument called a Shalm. But after some digging around I found it is more correctly called a Shawm. Now what I can't find is any reference to where Gygax came up with the word Kanteel for a stringed instrument (as in Olidammara's Kanteel of the Oldest). According to wikipedia, kanteel is a Dutch noun for a merlon or crenellation. This is weird since merlon and crenellation are also words that EGG was fond of throwing around. If someone can shed some light on the origin of the word kanteel as a music instrument, Delleb and I would be grateful.

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