July 16th, 2009: Hello Grey-folk! It's been a while since we last saw what those intrepid collectors of Oerthly knowledge, Delleb and Fharlanghn were up to. I wonder if they've got anything major accomplished by now...
Check it out. ;)

p.s. Annotation at the end of this one.

Though I can't find a link for it any longer(Help anyone?), the Encyclopedia Greyhawkia is a real thing I swear. In fact I suspect it was penned under one of Delleb's pseudonyms, Jason Zavoda. Greyhawkia truthfully, is only an index of all things Greyhawk, but that is still no small feat to claim. As it came about before the wiki-explosion it is still one of the most remarkable fan creations to date. When I was growing up as a quizical lad, my parents had a huge 20-something volume set of Encyclopedia Americana books. I don't know how many school papers I researched from those dusty old black books (or how many forts were made for army men by stacking them), but I do know I kept going to them as a resource until the early 90's. When I was going to college in the 90's professors adamantly didn't want you using the 'World Wide Web' for research so it wasn't so daunting for someone like me who was used to hunting through libraries and my house for stuff to pad my bibliography. It's been a longtime since I've done a paper(for a grade at any rate), but I suspect nowadays it would be VERY hard for teachers to prevent students from using the Internet, especially with the advent of wikipedia and its clones. Wikis have both a good reputation as a font of all knowledge imaginable all in one place and a bad reputation as a resource with at best unreliable second hand information. I can see why wiki isn't liked. How can dictionary, encyclopedia and primary source writers compete with wikipedia and its legions of multinational volunteer writers? Wikis also have unlimited page space, crosslinking between relevant articles and they don't weigh as much as a tank. Even better, Wikis cover RPGs and Greyhawk in a suitable well-researched fashion as gamers are a fanatical lot. I suspect the biggest print Encyclopedias out there doen't even bother with anything beneath Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter fiction.
So, thanks for the help! Kudos to all Greyhawk index and wiki writers, you know who you are.

update: thanks to chatdemon for the heads up on where to get the index and maldin for hosting it on his site. You can get it here if you don't have it already.

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