October 19th, 2006: This little heretical gem is based on one of Greyhawk's greatest mysteries, the City of the Gods. In my noobish years all I knew about this place was a sentence or two in the 83 Guide's section on the Land of Black Ice. But which gods did it refer to? None of the gods in the book had this place as their home. Iuz seemed to not care about it and it's in his backyard! The mystery then got more mysterious when I had a chance to see Dave Arneson's basic D&D module (DA3): The City of the Gods. It was like Expedition to the Barrier Peaks on steroids. Still, this wasn't set in the Blackmoor -I- knew. What was going on? Then finally came Oerth Journal #6. In it is a short story by Robert Kuntz called "Tales from the Green Dragon, Robilar Remembers: Journey to the City of the Gods." After I read the exploits of Mordenkainen (Gary Gygax)and Robilar (Kuntz) in the City (DM'ed by Dave Arneson, no surprise) I was more the wiser. However, Mordy and Robilar only scratched the surface. Here is the TRUTH about the City of the Gods. Enjoy and despair! ;)

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