February 5th, 2009: I've had my 1983 World of Greyhawk boxed set (The one with the Golden covers just so you know) for a long time. My friend who got me into D&D first had it; how he came to possess this marvellous fantasy world I'll never know because he moved away shortly after I began my DMing career and I was forced to get my own Greyhawk stuff. Since then I've collected the World of Greyhawk Folio (The printing that preceeded the 83 set), a couple From the Ashes sets (not to mention 2 sets worth of GHWars counters) and at least 2-3 other copies of the 83 Guide. However the copy of the 83 Guide that I carry with me on a daily basis(literally) to do my DMing/cartoon research looks like it was really dug up in a cave by Rel Mord scholars. I challenge anyone to say they've used and abused their Greyhawk materials more than I have. Hell, that copy even returned to me after a robbery attempt! I think it's pride and nostalgia that keeps me from throwing it away and grabbing a new copy. One of these days I'll give it a proper send off. Anyhoo sorry about that, I just had to share. Check out the damages yourself:


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