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Maldin's Greyhawk

Greyhawk's Underdark: The Dark City of Erelhei-Cinlu

by Denis Tetreault
Version 1.0

The Vault (detailed in the module D3 Vault of the Drow, located at Y2-Z2/54-57 on the index map) is a huge cavern approximately 6 miles by 5 miles, with an arching ceiling up to several thousand feet above the floor. Unless one has visual enhancements described in the adventure, beings with normal vision can see clearly out to 40 yards, and faintly out to 80 yards because of a very dim light that fills the cavern from a huge mass of tumkeoite in the ceiling. The floor of the cavern has quite extensive fungus forests and open plains. A road crosses the floor of the cavern, past a number of drow manors, to the northern reaches of the Vault and up to a massive wall with a large gate. Behind the gate lies the capital city of the dark elves in this part of the world, the countless-centuries-old stronghold of Erelhei-Cinlu. Almost 10,000 drow live in the city, along with double that number of non-drow. A river winds across the northern part of the cavern, flowing to the east.

The Ancient City of Khor
(Note: red box represents the area of the neighborhood map presented below, within the Arcane Sector
U = Undead sector, IL = Illithid sector, A = Arcane sector, C = Commercial sector, T = Tanar'ri sector )

1. The Great Gate to the City

Although there are rumored to be a number of small doors in the walls of the ancient drow city, this is the only entry known to non-drow. Entry through any other portal is barred by physical and magical barriers, and can automatically summon a greater tanar’ri (2E nomenclature for “demon”). The gatehouse is constructed of a seemingly chaotic stack of unfinished black stone blocks, 70 feet wide, 40 feet deep and high, and frescoed with demonic visages. The 20 foot wide and high passage through the gatehouse has a raised portcullis at the near end, two spiked massive bronze doors at the far end, and is lined with slits and murder holes over its entire length.

The entry is guarded by five male drow guards (four 2nd level and one 4th level leader), and five female guards (four of 3rd level, one 5th level) with all of the abilities of drow (from whichever edition you use), and will be carrying magical drow armor and weapons (see 2E AD&D stats below). All poisoned items refer to the standard -4 sleep poison (effect lasts 2d4 hours) used by drow troops. The group will check the credentials of all creatures attempting to pass through the gate - either wearing special green garments, or the identifying brooch of a merchant clan or noble house).

Housed within the gatehouse are an additional 12 male guards with three leaders (left side), 12 female guards with three leaders (right side), and the overall commander of the gate, a male fighter-mage.

Male Guard: Level 2 Fighter; MR 54%; hp 9; AC 1; chain +1, buckler +2, shortsword +1, dagger +1 , military fork
Male leader: Level 4 Fighter; hp 18; MR 58% ; AC -2; chain +3, buckler +3, shortsword +3, dagger +3, hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts
Female Guard: Level 3 Fighter; hp 15; MR 56%; AC 0; chain +2, buckler +2, shortsword +1, dagger + 1, hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts
Female leader: Level 5 Fighter; hp 25; MR 60%; AC -3; chain +3, buckler +3, shortsword +2, dagger +2
City Gate Commander: Level 3/6 Fighter/Wizard; hp 30; MR 62 % ; AC -5; chain +3, buckler +3, shortsword +3, dagger +3, wand of viscid globs (15 charges), scroll of three spells (hold portal x3)
..First Level: comprehend languages, magic missile, shield, sleep
..Second Level: mirror image, web
..Third Level: fireball, tongues

2. The City Walls and Towers

A 30 foot high wall of black stone, topped with crenulated battlements, completely encircles the city. Fortifying the wall are eleven 45 foot tall, 3-story towers, 40 feet on a side, also topped by crenulations. The east, south and west walls are patrolled by teams of male fighters, with each tower housing at least 10 additional guards, 2 leaders and 1 commander.

City Wall Guard: Level 2 Fighter; MR 54%; hp 9; AC 1; chain +1, buckler +2, shortsword +1, dagger + 1, military fork
City Wall guard leader: Level 3 Fighter; MR 56%; hp 13; AC 0; chain +2, buckler +2, shortsword +1, dagger +1, hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts
City Tower Commander: Level 4 Fighter; hp 18; MR 58%; AC -2; chain +3, buckler +3, shortsword +2, dagger +2, hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts, atlatl with 3 poisoned javelins

3. The North Wall and the Noble Gate

The untowered north wall of the city runs along the shore of the Pitchy Flow, the river that traverses the northern section of the Vault, and is patrolled exclusively by female drow guards. The Noble Gate penetrates the center of the wall. It consists of a set of double gates protected on each side by portcullises. Near the center of this edifice is the Noble Gate, a thickened wall section into which is built a set of special double gates protected from each side by portcullises. The gate opens to a bridge across the river, and to a road that rises along a short valley up onto the high plateau occupied by the many noble family estates. The nearby barracks is always occupied by at least 36 fighters and their captain. There are two moving patrols on the walls for each side of the Noble Gate. Each consists of four fighters of 2nd level, two of 3rd level, and one level 4 leader.

The commander of the Noble Gate is normally a cleric/fighter of notable level, and is accompanied everywhere by a pair of huge trained spiders. She will carry a periapt of proof against poison ( +4 to saving throws), and appropriate personal treasure.

Level 2 Females (20): hp 11; MR 54%; AC 0; chain +2, buckler +2, shortsword +1, dagger +1, hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts
Level 3 Females (10): hp 15; MR 56%; AC -1; chain +2, buckler + 3, shortsword + 1, dagger + 1, atlatl with three poisoned javelins
Level 4 Females (4): hp 20; MR 58%; AC - 3; chain +3, buckler +4, shortsword +2, dagger +2, hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts
Level 5 Females (2): hp 25; MR 60%; AC -4; chain +4, buckler +4, shortsword +2, dagger +2, atlatl with 3 poisoned javelins
Female Captain: Level 6 Fighter; hp 30; MR 62%; AC -5; chain +4, buckler +4, shortsword +3, dagger +3, hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts
Gate Commander: Level 8/4 Cleric/Fighter; hp 48; MR 66%; AC -6; THACO 16; SD +4 on saving throws vs. poison; chain +4, buckler, +4, mace +4, dagger +3
..First Level: command, cure light wounds (x2), detect good (x2)
..Second Level: hold person (x2), silence 15’ radius (x2), slow poison
..Third Level: cause blindness (x3)
..Fourth Level: cure serious wounds (x2), protection from good 10’ radius
..Huge Wolf Spiders (2): as huge spider but AL N(E); hp 17, 16

The City of Erelhei-Cinlu is best described in the very own words of the great sage E. Gary Gygax in the scholarly work known as D3: The Vault of the Drow. His words are as follows:

The alien and strangely disturbing buildings of Erelhei-Cinlu are crowded together in a welter which confuse any not born and bred to the place. Its crooked, narrow streets and alleys are dimly illuminated by signs scribed in phosphorescent chemicals and occasional lichen growths or fire beetle cages. Not even the drow are certain what horrors lurk in the sewers beneath, but the rooftops are home to many sorts of large, huge, and giant spiders.

The main ways of this ancient and depraved city are thronged with as unlikely a mixture of creatures as can be imagined. Green cloaked illithids and kuo-toans rub shoulders with dark elves. Ghasts and ghouls roam freely, and an occasional shadow or vampire will be seen. Bugbears and troglodytes are common, as are other various servants and slaves of the drow (dwarves, goblins, half-orcs, humans, and orcs are sometimes free inhabitants of the place). All are pale from dwelling in the sunless Vault. Trolls slink by evil-looking men wearing the green garb. None are disturbed to pass a lesser tanar’ri, a night hag or mezzoloth. These crowds part hurriedly for Noble Drow riding nightmares or the more powerful demons or daemons, but those of the dark elves with pack lizards must slowly force their way through traffic. Beggars of all sorts are seen, and half-drow thieves, pimps, and harlots are as common as the enslaved humans and elves displayed before certain establishments.

Between 8,000 and 9,000 drow live in the city, and double that number of half-castes, servants, and slaves. To this permanent population can be added a thousand or so creatures visiting for purposes known only to themselves. (Total occupancy approximately 28,000.) The tiers and dungeons of Erelhei- Cinlu reek of debauchery and decadence, and the city’s inhabitants are degenerate and effete. (Those with any promise and ability are brought out of the place to serve the fighting societies, merchant clans or noble houses. The rest are left to wallow in the sinkhole of absolute depravity which is Erelhei-Cinlu.) The most popular places in the city are the gambling dens, bordellos, taverns, drug saloons, and even less savory shops along the two main streets. The back streets and alleyways too, boast of brothels, poison shops, bars, and torture parlors. Unspeakable things transpire where the evil and jaded creatures seek pleasure, pain, excitement or arcane knowledge, and sometimes these seekers find they are victims. All visitors are warned that they enter the back streets of the city at their peril.

A male drow patrol polices the main streets of the city every hour, and a patrol of females (standard plus two displacer beasts, hp 32 each) works the back streets on a regular hourly round as well. But they are indifferent to the fate of any non-drow, and seek only to prevent major riots or destruction. The streets are always filled with commoner drow, as well as merchants, visitors and slaves of all races listed earlier, and there is no need to roll for those. The characters will encounter “notable” creatures every turn they roam the streets, and once every 6 turns spent inside any establishment open to public traffic, as determined by the following encounter tables.

Random Encounters in Erelhei-Cinlu
Main Thoroughfare - 1d20

1       Beggar, diseased
2 -4  Tanar’ri*
5       Drow nobles
6       Drow patrol, males
7       Ghasts (5-8)
8       Human priests - 3 or more priests, leader of at least 10th level, may have guards
9       Human wizards - 2 to 3 wizards, leader of at least 12th level
10-11  Illithids (2-5)
12      Illithids (3-6)
13     Night hag
14     Mezzoloth
15     Nycaloth
16     Rakes (7-12) - bands of bitter or outcast drow, drow-elf, half-drow and/or half-orc youth looking for trouble
17-18  Succubus
19     Thieves (2 - 5)
20     Trolls (2-5)

* Tanar’ri: determined by DM or roll for random, can include lesser or greater

Back Street or Alleyway -  1d20

1       Beggar
2       Beggar, diseased
3      Tanar’ri, lesser
4      Drow patrol, female
5      Ghasts (5-8)
6     Human priests - see above
7     Human wizards - see above
8      Illithids (2-5)
9     Mezzoloth or greater tanar’ri
10    Night hag
11-14  Rakes (7-12) - see above
15      Shadows (5-8)                                      
16-17  Succubus
18      Thieves (2-5)
19      Trolls (2-5)
20      Vampire


Special Districts of the City

The City Rooftops

While not a specific region within the city, the rooftops of Erelhei-Cinlu warrant a special discussion. Looking up from street level one immediately notices the tremendous amount of roof-level webs that crisscross from building to building in such density that it is impossible to fly up from the street and above its buildings without being entrapped in them. The rooftops are the domain of uncountable numbers of large and giant spiders of every imaginable type. While there are large numbers of large and giant insects that serve as prey for the spiders, the rooftop spider population is far too large to be sustained by those insects. While the population of Erelhei-Cinlu itself does provide for some of the prey, most spiders spend much of their time in the nearby fungus forests where there is more than enough prey to sustain their large numbers. For reasons unknown, the spiders are somehow attracted to the city rooftops for varying periods of time, until they get hungry enough to return to the forests. For this reason, half of the spiders encountered will be particularly ravenous (and dangerous) as their need to satiate their hunger becomes stronger than the forces that attract them to the rooftops.

City Sewers

Is there really any point in describing the sewers beneath Erelhei-Cinlu? Not really, because surely there isn’t a party of adventurers in existence that made it far enough to get here that is truly stupid enough to go into the sewers! Suffice it to say that the sewers are filled with non-intelligent to low-intelligence undead (skeletons, zombies, monster zombies, mummies), tanar’ri (manes, dretch, escaped larvae), and oozes (including slimes, jellies, oozes, and puddings). Otyughs and neo-otyughs thrive down here, and the fetid waters are just swarming with an endless number of rot grubs. Rumors abound of the presence of a temple to Juiblex, but nobody has ever survived in the sewers (or could stand its truly disgusting environment) long enough to find it, though it may explain the presence of unusually powerful oozes.

U: Undead Sector

Only 2 streets lead into this relatively isolated area in the north-eastern corner of the city dominated by intelligent undead. Vampires are common, as are large numbers of lesser undead. There are several liches that are known to call the neighborhood home, although they are far more secretive. Some of the undead here appear to be on various missions as compelled by their masters, others seem to be merely attracted to the area because of the high concentration of more powerful undead.

IL: Illithid Sector

Centered on a ring road, the interior of this neighborhood can only be accessed by passing through buildings that are controlled by illithids. They tend not to take too kindly to visitors, although if you have business with them, it is possible to obtain permission for entry into the restricted area.

T: Tanar’ri Sector

The large western-most sector of Erelhei-Cinlu is accessible only by three long narrow serpentine streets. Considered extremely dangerous even by this city’s standards, yet it still draws visitors looking for the most depraved and evil destination outside of the Abyss itself. Dark individuals of many races looking for darker knowledge, or wanting to hire lesser tanar’ri for evil purpose walk the streets. It is common to see the streets clear as a greater tanar’ri passes by. Even the drow city patrols keep their noses away from this area.

C: Commercial Sector

This area of the city contains a large number of shops more typical of an average large city, and thus is more visitor friendly. Most visitors to Erelhei-Cinlu tend to limit their stay to this sector and the Arcane sector. Specialty shops that sell food for all manner of creatures, as well as craftsmen selling everything from pottery and baskets to arms and armor can be found here. The streets are perhaps the most crowded in the city, with large numbers of commoner-type individuals of most underdark races, however drow are by far the most populous. A large percentage of the business done in the drow capital is done here. The large central city square on the north-east side of this district has many of the city’s government buildings.

A: Arcane Sector

This sector is one of the prime reasons why visitors risk the dangers of Erelhei-Cinlu. The Arcane Sector is home to numerous shops and services dedicated to magic, alchemy, and arcane knowledge. Many shops that provide services, such as various types of spellcasting, as well as supplies for such activities (everything from spell components, chemical reagents, and inks to glassware and scroll parchment). One particularly well-known shop in the area is a poison shop known as Krug and Heez’s Alembic Residues.

Arcane sector neighborhood map

Above: Area map for a portion of the Arcane sector, exact location indicated by a red box on the City of Erelhei-Cinlu map.
Below: The same area in the Arcane sector without labels, for players' use.

Arcane sector neighborhood - no labels

Krug and Heez’s Alembic Residues

This is perhaps the most famous (and infamous) alchemical poison shop in a city that is known across the planes for poison. Certainly not the only such shop in Erelhei-Cinlu, it is rather unique in several ways. While they are independent operators, the owners of the shop are very well connected to many of the city’s powerbrokers, and thus have several very lucrative contracts, and wield a fair amount of influence in the city. Most common varieties of poison are available here, such as long-lasting types designed for poison-needle traps and blade venoms, as well as many rare types of insinuative and ingestive poisons and other drugs that have unusual effects (paralysis, pain, hallucinatory. They are one of the few labs licensed to produce the ubiquitous -4 drow sleep poison used by most organizations across the city, and they have its secret formula. They have supply contracts with both Male and Female Fighter’s Societies, as well as several clans and noble houses. Krug and Heez also own the Liquid Scream (higher class brothel, mapped below, but not described) in whole, and secretly have part ownership in the Merchant Clan of the Violet Urn (33% ownership). They also own the Wizard’s Pouch (spell component shop), the Cockatrice’s Nest (rooms for rent for any purpose, described below), the Rotting Morel (low class brothel in a seedier section of the city, sometimes a source of slaves and test subjects), and are part owners (50%) of the Succubus’ Teat (tavern). Their importance in the business side of the city is undeniable, giving them much influence, but it also garners many enemies in a city that takes treachery, revenge, and evil behavior to a high art. Krug and Heez also have an assassination squad that they not only hire out, but they use to keep their enemies at bay.

Krug and Heez own a complex of 3 buildings that are loosely interconnected. Guards are stationed at many indicated locations throughout the complex, as well as wandering pairs of guards, and are on constant vigilance for potential incursions by rivals. Most guard equipment is kept freshly coated with -4 drow sleep poison (as there is literally an unending supply of it here), while some of the guards (such as the half orc assassination squad) use either death poison or an insinuative poison that over 3 rounds causes 25 hp damage on a failed saving throw and 10 hp on a save (which for many lower level individuals may mean death either way, unless they have immediate access to neutralize poison). Traps, many of which utilize various poisons (death, damaging, or paralysis) are scattered everywhere. Assume every lock in the building is trapped, however there are many other types including magical traps (like sigil or glyph-type traps cast at 13 level wizard) scattered about in unexpected places. There are several fake doors on every floor with such glyphs behind the door. Much of the details of the occupants and the content of the location (traps, treasure) is left up to the DM. Unless otherwise noted, assume all armor and weapons listed are of drow origin.

How to use Krug and Heez in a Campaign

Unless the DM is running a native campaign in the city (that is, the adventurers are Erelhei-Cinlu residents), planning a campaign can be difficult in such a location. Taking on either of the 2 Fighters’ Societies, or a major temple, in anything more than simple hit-and-run tactics, is like kicking a hornet’s nest that is unlikely to end well because of the resources available to the city to repel a small group of adventurers. While well-connected and powerful, Krug and Heez are independent operators, and anyone that has climbed to the level of success that they have achieved has made many enemies along the way. There are many in the city that would like to see Krug and Heez knocked out of business or seriously damaged. Daring adventurers may even be able to find individuals more than happy to help the PCs as pawns in their own plans of revenge. This is Erelhei-Cinlu, however, so the PCs shouldn’t be surprised when their would-be co-conspirators eventually double-cross them. Taking out the business (or seriously damaging them) would cause a major disruption in the supply of poison to a significant component of the drow underdark military machine, and reach far beyond the Vault. As well, Heez’s library of poison formulas is worth a king’s ransom, if that is the PCs purpose. Of course, a good-aligned party should seek to destroy his library, not profit from it. For less daring campaigns, there are many prisoners being held in the cells and testing rooms of the shop’s basement, and may be the target of a rescue mission. Just getting in and out without succumbing to the many poisons manufactured (and used) by the shop’s able occupants would be a great test of heroism and skill.

While not specifically described here, DMs should place traps all through the buildings, most of them incorporating different types of poisons. Deviousness is encouraged! Only the large pit trap at the entrance to the Cockatrice’s Nest is shown here. The trapdoors indicated on the maps are access ways to allow guards quick movement to floors above and below guardrooms and barracks, and are not actual traps. DMs should scale the defenses of the shop to the PCs, as this should be an extremely dangerous place to explore. Even on a successful assault by a powerful party of adventurers, Krug and Heez should be able to escape (there is an emergency teleporter in the building, and Heez always has the teleport spell memorized) and provide for a long-lasting thorn in the PCs’ sides. DMs should familiarize themselves with the layout of the buildings, which is more complex than is immediately apparent. There are some locations that can only be reached by either going up a floor and then back down again by a different set of stairs, or by descending to the cellar, then back up via yet another isolated set of stairs.

The infamous owners of Krug and Heez’s Alembic Residues (2E AD&D Ruleset)

Krug, male half orc 14th Thief

Str 18/95 (+2,+5)  Int 16  Wis 11  Dex 18 (+3,-4)  Con 18  Cha 7  Chaotic Evil
77 hp, AC-5,
AC2 bracers, +3 ring, +4 shortsword, +3 dagger, +3 longsword (non-drow), hand crossbow
wand of secret door and trap detection (36), ring of anti-venom (12 ch), cloak of the Arachnida, drow boots, ring of arachnid control (67 ch)
By occupation and demeanor, Krug would be referred to as an “assassin”.

Heez, male drow 13/10 Wizard/Fighter

Str 14  Int 18  Wis 13  Dex 19 (+3,-4)  Con 11  Cha 14  Chaotic Evil
54+special hp, AC-3 (-7), 74% magic resistance before special familiar
+4 chain, +3 buckler, drow cloak and boots, +4 shortsword, +3 dagger, hand crossbow
Scroll protection from tanar’ri, Scroll: skyhook, wand of viscid globs (44 ch), +4 periapt of proof vs poison, brooch of shielding (56 ch)
Spells: 1st - 5, 2nd - 5, 3rd - 5, 4th - 4, 5th - 4, 6th - 2
Spells are left to the DM, however Heez will normally have these spells among the list of learned spells (some are unusual):
1st: spidereyes, 3rd: hand of darkness, 4th: acid bolt, 5th: passweb, stop, teleport, 6th: death spell
Heez also has a special familiar, a quasit, that grants him 1 extra level (he would be level 12/9), extra hit points, regeneration, extra magic resistance, and other abilities.

Krug and Heez's Alembic Residues - Ground floor

Level 1 Ground floor

1. Front guard room – normally 5 drow guards, 2 3rd Fighters, 3 2nd Fighters, table and chairs for the guards to sit at, and a chest for storing checked weapons from customers. Peep holes, that can function as bolt holes look into the entry area of the Cockatrice's Nest (Rm I, 1st floor).

2. Private audience room

3. Office – where special deals are normally struck, a table with built-in straps for demonstrations

4. Stairs/storage

5. Poison shop showroom – 5/5 Wizard/Fighter from Rm 21 2nd floor, 2/2 Fighter/Wizard from Rm 10, there are 2 sepia snake sigil spells cast at 12th level behind sliding panels that can be exposed in an instant

6. Private testing room

7. Private testing room

8. Guardroom – 3 2nd Fighters, 2 3rd Fighters, 4th Fighter from Rm 28 2nd floor

8a. Armory – 20 hand crossbows, 20x10 bolts, 10 +1 shortswords, 10 normal daggers

9. Storage for shop – lock (-25% on picking, poison needle trap) small sealed barrels with packets of drow -4 sleep poison, shelves with other poisons

10. Quarters – 2 drow 2/2 Fighter/Wizards: 9 hp, 12 hp; AC-2; +1 chain, +1 buckler, +1 shortsword, +1 dagger (one is usually sleeping here, while the other is on duty)

11. Quarters – 6th drow Fighter: Str 18/73 (+2,+3); 34hp; AC-4; +3 buckler,+3 chain, +3 shortsword, +3 dagger

12. Lab

13. Lab

14. Creature guardroom – Red slaad (well compensated, and here on his own volition)

15. Prep lab

15a. Special storage for prep lab

16. Heez’s personal lab


Krug and Keez's Alembic Residues - 2nd Floor

2nd Floor

17. Guard barracks - 6 drow 2nd Fighter, 2 drow 3rd Fighter

18. Guard recreation, practice, and mess hall - 2 3rd Fighters, 4th Fighter from Rm25. Peep holes, that can function as bolt holes look into the entry area of the Cockatrice's Nest (Rm I, 1st floor).

18a. Armory - 10 hand crossbows, 20x10 bolts, 20 normal shortswords, 20 normal daggers, 20 normal bucklers

19. Quarters - drow 7 Thief/Acrobat: 25 hp; AC-2; AC4 bracers, +2 ring, +3 shortsword, +3 dagger (works in basement Rm8)

20. Kitchen - female drow cook 3/3 Priest/Thief: Wis17, Dex17; 16 hp; AC-3; +2 chain, +2 buckler, +2 shortsword, +2 dagger (is secretly a spy for one of the Noble houses)

20a. Pantry (also some bulk food stored in Rm24 and in Cellar Rm14)

21. Quarters - male drow 5/5 Fighter/Wizard: Str 17 (+1,+1), Dex17; 25 hp; AC-5; +3 chain, +3 buckler, +3 shortsword, +2 dagger (in Rm5)

22. Quarters - male drow 7 Wizard: 18 hp; AC-2; AC5 bracers, +2 ring, +3 dagger, +2 cloak (in Lab Rm13)

23. Quarters - male drow 5/7 Wizard/Thief: 19 hp; AC-6; +3 chain, +3 buckler, +3 shortsword, +3 dagger (currently present in room)

24. Storage

25. Garbage

26. Quarters - male half orc 5/5 Fighter/Thief: Str17 (+1,+1), Con17; 42 hp; AC-4; +3 chain (non-drow), +3 buckler, +3 shortsword, +3 dagger

27. Quarters - 5 half orc Thieves, 3rd 17 hp, 3rd 14 hp, 2nd 14, 2nd 9 hp, 2nd 12 hp; all have +2 chain, +2 buckler, +2 shortsword, +2 dagger

28. Quarters - 4 male drow 4th Fighters, hp: 34 (AC-4), 32 (AC-3), 20 (AC-2), 19 (AC-4) (one is sleeping, three are awake and armored)


Krug and Heez's Alembic Residues - 3rd Floor

3rd Floor

29. Library

30. Krug’s workroom

31. Krug’s sleep chamber

32. Storage

33. Heez’s workroom and study

34. Storage

35. Heez’s sleep chamber

35a. Storage

35b. Teleport platform - there is 4 foot diameter inlaid pentagram in the floor of this small room. On the shelves are emergency scrolls, cash, and potions. If overwhelming forces breach the shop, Krug will head for the platform. Heez always has teleport learned, however if for some reason he loses his memorized spells, he will head here as well. In either event, whether by teleport platform or teleport spell, Heez will first attempt to collect as much as he can from the vault before leaving. If the command word is spoken, everything within the pentagram is instantly teleported to a safe-house in another part of the city.

35c. Storage vault - magically and mechanically protected storage with Heez’s spellbooks, scrolls, master copies of all poison formulas, and personal treasure of great value. Of special note, Heez has a copy of the Nathlum (a book of poison formulas described in Dragon Magazine #69).

36. Office

36a. Office vault - magically and mechanically protected storage, includes ledgers describing all business dealings and contracts, and cash-on-hand

37. Weapon practice area - Half orc assassination squad (from Rm26 and 27) may be practicing here (50%) or a random group of guards (50%). Peep holes, that can function as bolt holes and a secret door look into the entry area of the Cockatrice's Nest (Rm I, 1st floor).

38. Armory

39. Spider milking and trapping equipment - 2 phase spiders 5+5HD, hp 29, 32, -2 death poison have phased through the walls and are hanging out here, attracted by the scents of other spiders.

40. Roof top of the Cockatrice’s Nest - spider traps are set and scattered about this roof, and often contain live bait. Currently there is a male drow 2nd Fighter and a half orc 2nd Thief (no equipment) in 2 of the traps, their stories are up to the DM. There are 2 dead drow and 1 dead human slave being drained by giant spiders caught in 3 other traps.

Krug and Heez's Alembic Residues - Cellar

Cellar Floor

1. Pit below the entry to the Cockatrice's Nest (see Rm I below). The pit is 15 ft deep from the 2 foot wide ledge along the north end of this room, the ceiling is 10 feet high. Therefore the drop from Rm I is a total of 25 ft. The pit is filled with 20 small snakes (2+1 HD, AC6) and 10 large snakes (4+2 HD, AC5), see Monstrous Manual for damage and poison. It is possible that some may be hurt or killed when an individual(s) falls in.

2. Storage

3. Hallway with slave manacles in wall (none occupied)

4. Detainment area - there are 7 drug addicts chained to the walls here, all are in very poor health, quite insane, and oblivious to their surroundings. They are destined to be bait in the rooftop spider traps.

5. Hallway with more manacles (none occupied)

6. Empty room with false doors to the north and east, both with glyph traps behind then.

7. Empty room with false doors to the south and east, both with glyph traps behind then.

8. Experimentation room - 7th Thief/Acrobat from Rm19 2nd floor and (50% chance) 3/3 Fighter/Wizard described in cellar Rm13, 60% chance of a slave tied to a table.

8a. Equipment storage

8b. Poison and other supplies storage

9. Empty room

10. Testing equipment storage

11. Bunk beds for guards and storage

12. Guard room - three male drow 2nd Fighter

13. Lab - 2 or 3 male drow 3/3 Fighter/Wizards

#1: 14 hp, AC-4; +2 chain, +2 buckler, +2 shortsword, +2 dagger; Spells: 1st - Shocking Grasp, Melt, 2nd - Invisibility
#2: 14 hp, AC-3; +2 chain, +2 buckler, +2 shortsword, +2 dagger; Spells: 1st - Shocking Grasp, Pro. from Evil, 2nd - Mirror Image
#3: (50% chance in Rm8) 15 hp, AC-2; +2 chain, +2 buckler, +2 shortsword, +2 dagger; Spells: 1st - Shocking Grasp, Magic Missile, 2nd - Strength

14. Storage

15. Garbage Pit - drain in the sewers is buried by garbage, occupied by a neo-otyugh (11 HD, 62 hp, AC0, dam 2-12/2-12/1-3)

16. Raw materials storage area - boxes, crates and barrels filled with hundreds of pounds of many different kinds of mushrooms, dried frog skins, minerals, etc.

17. Creature guards - 5 carrion crawlers (3+1 HD, AC3/7, 8 attk, dmg nil, save vs paralysis on each hit) that serve as corpse disposal

18. False room - garbage, broken equipment, 5 very ripe drow bodies

19. Interrogation room - female drow 3rd/4th Fighter/Priest noble from the House of Kilsek badly beaten and manacled to the wall being questioned (currently alone, no spells)

20. Prison complex

a. Troll, has become very resistant to poison because it has survived much testing

b. male halforc 3rd Thief, was one of the assassins squad, however turned traitor and tried to steal from the shop

c. male drow 2/2 Fighter/Wizard, originally worked for the merchant clan of the Violet Urn, then joined a rival clan, Krug determined that he knew too much about their operations to allow him to work for a rival

d. 2 male human slaves that got separated from their master and were "picked up"

e. 3 female elf slaves

21. Guard room - three male drow 2nd Fighters

22. Prison room - empty

23. Prison room - 4 commoner drow and half-drow slaves

24. Prison room - 2 troglodytes

25. Large prison room with 8 poorly kept commoner slaves of various races

26. Prison and torture equipment storage

The Cockatrice's Nest

This establishment's only service is hourly room rentals for any purpose whatsoever, no questions asked, cleanup (done by slaves brought in from the building next door) included in the cost of the rental (which is rather steep because of that). In a city such as Erelhei-Cinlu, one can only imagine what goes on here. The establishment generally does not provide for any equipment or other materials, although there is some equipment available for rent. Customers most commonly supply their own.

I. The entry is not really a room, but rather a small, 3-story tall burned out shell of a building. The floor is scorched from a fire that happened many decades ago, and the floors for the 2nd and 3rd floors are completely gone, with only the outer walls and the roof enclosing the space. A large pit trap covers much of the floor area of the east side of the building, and can be "activated" by guards who can see through guard room peep holes in rooms 1, 18, 37, and III. All 4 of those guard rooms are continuously occupied by several guards each. At the west end of the building is a set of stairs that rise up to a door in the wall at the 2nd floor level. There is otherwise nothing else in this space.

II. Welcome desk - the desk clerk negotiates the rental contract and then provides the room keys. Nothing of value is kept in this room.

III. Guard room - three male drow 3rd Fighters, and 3 male drow 2nd Fighters. Their job is to prevent trouble from breaking out of individual rooms. Peep holes, that can function as bolt holes look into the entry area of the Cockatrice's Nest (Rm I, 1st floor).

a. Armory

IV. Equipment and cleaning supplies storage

V. to XII. The remaining rooms are all available for rental.


For those who have made it this far, and are wondering…
An alembic is a type of alchemical still consisting of two vessels connected by a tube, and used for the distillation of liquids. Heez uses many of these for distilling toxins from raw materials of a fungal or animal nature.

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