June 17th, 2010: Fharlanghn and Delleb haven't been featured in quite a long time so let's see what deep subject they are discussing today...
p.s. Be sure to read my usual mortellanic commentary at the end.

There is alot of interesting items and absurdities to cover here:
1. First, do lesser deities like Fhalanghn and Delleb fret over the meaning of life/existence or does having immortality and a divine portfolio give them special insight? Maybe. Many deities of Greyhawk seem unsatisfied with their lot in life. They fight, scheme and seem to carry on like mortals. And much to their chagrin they can die. Even the haughiest, most amoral gods with foresight like Nerull, Istus or Boccob probably questioned their existence before they faced down Tharizdun together. I believe, in context of the setting, the meaning of life for deities should be to replace their creators, then ascend to the next rung once their replacement is ready. However, few gods know about this next level or what it will hold in store for them so most jealously hang onto their portfolios or try to usurp reality to create their own endgame. Regardless, anyone who has owned a copy of the classic D&D Immortals Set (by Frank Mentzer) will know where I'm coming from.
2. Hardcore Greyhawkphiles will remember that Delleb's quill is a feather from a Phoenix.
3. Interestingly, Delleb's personal dogma says that the purpose of existence is to accumulate knowledge and pass it on. Not a bad philosophy though somehow I don't think Fharlanghn would be thrilled with that answer. Me on the other hand? I'm sort of Dellebian when it comes to Greyhawk. ;)
4. Quall or Quaal, is a former member of the Company of Seven, Zagig's old adventuring group.
5. First seen in the 1st edition Fiend Folio, Quaggoth are bear-like humanoids commonly found in the Underdark but also in places like Blackmoor, Burneal Forest and the Tiger-Wolf Nomad lands, which are near Lake Quag.
6. Quag Lake is in the northwest of the Flanaess, surrounded by the Yatil mountains and nomadic plains.
7. Also appearing for the first time in the 1st edition Fiend Folio, Qullan are tall humanoids found in the wild north of the Flanaess. It is said they are the fanatical shocktroops for the enigmatic Egg of Coot.
8. To finish off the Q section of the old Fiend Folio, Quipper are basically cold water piranha. Quaggoth, Qullan and Quipper all in one encounter. Who wins? That would be one hell of a fishing story.

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