January 28th, 2010: Fharlanghn has been dragged along on Delleb's quest for knowledge for sometime now. Every so often he tries to get rid of his academic ally using subtle methods. Check it out.
p.s. Be sure to read my usual enlightening commentary at the end.

Lately I've been reading gamer-blogs in search of good Greyhawk-y material. Currently a few of my favorite blogs are by Greyhawk Grognard, by Joseph Bloch (of Pomarj fame), James Mazliszewski's Grognardia and Jeff's Gameblog by fellow Ullinoisan, Jeff Rients.
About a month ago Jeff's Gameblog had an excellent post on exploration achievements. Giving experience points for journeying to certain notable places in a setting. Joe Bloch then followed it up with a post on the same subject but this time with a Greyhawk perspective. I highly recommend this list to anyone DMing Greyhawk in any edition. Be warned though, some characters, particularly those of the obsessive-compulsive-scholarly sort will want to do everything on the list. Lethality of the list may not be a deterrent to these folk so be prepared to add some more achievements of your own. ;)

As to the stuff mentioned in today's comic:
1. The Burning Cliffs really do burn.
2. The Bright Desert really can cause sun-blindness.
3. The Gnatmarsh, is a wetland found along the Nesser River and really is known for its millions of biting insects during the summer.
4. The Tangles is a small, and really dense forest found north of the Riftcanyon in the Bandit Kingdoms.
5. The Icy Sea lies to the north of the Flanaess and really does have mountains of floating ice and thick fog.
6. Fharlanghn in 1st edition is a Cleric 9th Lv/ Druid 9th Lv, Magic-User 9th Lv/ Illusionist 9th Lv, and a 20th Lv thief. In 3rd edition he is a Bard 20th Lv, Cleric 20th Lv. I'm not really sure which class he should level up in now.
7. Delleb is listed as a Wizard 20th Lv, Cleric 15th Lv. I have a really good feeling he will put his new skill ranks into Knowledge skills.

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