February 11th, 2010: Greetings Greyhawk fans...It's Valentines Day this weekend so this episode will there be any hint of romance? Well considering this is a continuation of the Cultist saga outside Dorakaa let's hope not. Check it out...

As always be sure to check the commentary at the end of the strip.

1. Hardcore Greyhawk fans might recognize the nicknames given to the cultist's dark god, Tharizdun. They are directly lifted from the 1986 Greyhawk novel Artifact of Evil written by Gary Gygax himself. This novel was a continuation of the classic Saga of Old City and involves the hero Gord and his allies trying to stop the minions of Iuz from obtaining an ancient artifact tied to Tharizdun. AoE is a decent book, probably rare now but doubtfully expensive. I found my copy at a library booksale of all places.
2. Even more astute readers will note that High Priestesses Halga and Althea (I forget which is which) are parodying a scene from a favorite movie of mine, The Sandlot. If you've seen it, think of the scene where they are explaining Babe Ruth's nicknames to a newb kid. General Sindol here, is evidently a newb at Tharizdun slurs...
3. Tharizdun's unholy symbol is sometimes the Dark Spiral of Decay but it is also the two-tiered inverted ziggurat symbol called an "obex" in earlier editions. I've used both symbols in the comic and I prefer the spiral because it demonstrates the madness of the cultists.
4. The goggled cultist has always been the more 'passionate' and 'reactionary' of the pair, while his companion is the more 'focused' and 'analytical' and never seems to take a hand off the Codex of the Infinite Planes. Will this factor into deducing their ultimate true identities? Maybe someday. ;)
5. Does anyone think a cultist of Tharizdun has a chance with a priestess of Iuz? Ehhhh...

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