December 3rd, 2009: The Cultist Saga continues outside the city of Dorakaa, capital of the Land of Iuz. But first let's cut away real quick and see what is going on inside the walls of the city...
Much more trivial info on this strip at the end.

So there you have it, no giant wooden skull, but then again these two cultists are pretty fearless and are not afraid to face down the best Dorakaa has to offer. Speaking of which, there is a wealth of canon info on the denizens of Dorakaa. Such as:
1. Althea and Halga are both High Priestesses of Iuz the Evil. Althea is the nominal ruler of Molag, Iuz's other main city. She is arrogant, controlling and armed to the teeth. Halga is the nominal ruler of Izlen and the NE Vesve Forest. She is high strung, neurotic and has sudden violent streaks. She is also highly knowledgable in the politics of the Abyss. Not surprisingly these two don't get along at all since they constantly vie for the favor of Iuz. This of course means they spend more time in Dorakaa watching each other than in the places they are in charge of. Both appear in the novel Artifact of Evil by Gary Gygax and in the sourcebook, Iuz the Evil by Carl Sargent.
2. The Legion of Black Death houses at the Iron Barracks near the Iron Gate of Dorakaa. The Legion consists of about 1000 elite orc and orog warriors plus contingents of human soldiers, a phalanx of Babau demons and much more.
3. The Boneheart is Iuz's most trusted and most powerful servants, usually spellcasters. It consists of two tiers: the Greater Boneheart and Lesser Boeheart. The Greater includes Althea, Halga, Archmage Null, Jumper the Illusionist, and Kermin Mind-Bender a Baklunish mage.
4. The Iron Gate of Dorakaa is 25' tall and has leering skulls carved into it. The gate leads out to the Road of Skulls. The Road of Skulls stretches 300 miles to Kendragund in the north. It is 60 yards wide and is composed of barren earth. At intervals along its length is skulls impaled on poles, many of which are enchanted with dangerous magic.
5. Iuz's male High Priest, Patch was once one of the Greater Boneheart but was slain during the Greyhawk Wars. He has not since been replaced.
6. General Sindol is the leader of the Legion of Black Death. He is a Baron Cambion with a mysterious lineage that even his master Iuz is not aware of. He carries a blue-steeled long sword with many magical properties. He also possesses a horn carved from the leg of a Balor which can bless his evil troops when blown.
7. Plague Monks are not even from Greyhawk canon but are in fact from Warhammer Fantasy. They are part of the rat-like Skaven.
8. Sindol really didn't need to rename his army as a Legion is normally a unit of just about any size and composition. Roman legions for instance numbered up to 10,000 as opposed to Sindol's paltry 1000 orcs. Modern unit designations don't include Legions. A battalion as such is 300-1000 infantry. Smaller than that would be Companies, Platoons and Squads.

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