November 18th, 2009: I got alot to cover this week. Let's see how the Codex saga is progressing.
More info on this strip at the end.

1. Nerull's flashback is from way back in issue 121.
2. Incabulos is the god of many things, among them disasters.
3. The Lords of Evil are a mysterious cabal of gods who gave Hextor, god of war his six arms to better compete with Heironeous. In canon this is their only reference so there's no telling who is in this group or what other concerns they have.
4. From the Marklands, the Defiled Glades is in an area of the Vesve Forest called the Badlands. It is about 50' square miles and is filled with hazardous drifting cloud spells, bogs and roving undead. Some say the blighted area was created when Furyondyian and Iuz forces battled it out for four weeks resulting in the slaughter of several thousands men and orcs with destruction magic. It is also possible a couple cultists of Tharizdun showed up at the right time and mucked things up worse. ;)
5. Dorakaa is the capital of the land of Iuz and is prominently featured in the 2nd edition publications, Iuz the Evil and The City of Skulls. It's description and denizens is comparable to the land of Mordor in Lord of the Rings.
6. King Bog One-eye is a sentient toad of titanic size that lives and probably rules the Defiled Glades. This monster appears in Dungeon Magazine #118 Throne of Iuz by John Simcoe.
7. Dorakaa, according to the module The City of Skulls has a strong planar gate or nexus to the Abyss, so teleport and plane shifting magic used to enter the city always stands a chance of failing miserably and sending you to the lower planes. The Codex on the other hand is an artifact so a little license was taken in translocating the cultists elsewhere.
8. Earl Holmer of Walworth, Knight Commander of the Shield Lands and cousin to Katarina of Walworth who ruled in his stead, is the subject of a daring rescue mission in the adventure The City of Skulls. I highly reccomend this module even if only as a sourcebook.
9. The Legion of Black Death is Iuz's elite army of orogs and orcs, led by the baron cambion General Sindol. Both are detailed in the sourcebook Iuz the Evil. 10. Are the cultists seriously going to use the Trojan Horse, er Skull trick? We shall see...

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