October 6th, 2011: Howdy Greyhawkers. I'll save the commentary for below. Enjoy!

1. Ah yes, the good ol' Wizards Two meet again.
2. I really do believe Elminster would've made a better emporium wizard, Mordy is just too reserved and secretive to host a magic item shoppe. Ah well...
3. The peasant mini with the pig in the first panel is one of my all-time favorite D&D minis. For some reason the D&D mini line was always hit or miss on both sculpts and paint jobs. This one was good in both departments. Too bad its a freakin farmer with a pig! Compare that with the other mini bystanders in the comic and it makes you glad they cancelled the whole line.
4. Finding backgrounds for this comic was a doozy as was inserting minis into them. Don't look for me to repeat this process any time soon. ;)
5. As to the Wizards Two, I do think I could revisit their antics someday. I actually have fun using the entire D&D minis catalog for cheap comics. If you remember, I used to do D&D Deity Minis in this comic long ago. Like this episode and this one.
That's all for now!


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