June 16th, 2011: Two comics in a week? No way! Okay this one was fairly easy to put together. It's been a long long time since I last did a fun with minis comic, so here we go!
Be sure to check the commentary at the end. Enjoy!

I know I know. What happened to the Wizards Three? I shall explain...
1.In keeping with my homages to Dragon Magazine this month, I made this throwback to Ed Greenwood's classic article series The Wizard Three . The premise of the articles was three mages would gather at Ed's place on Earth to eat, talk and trade magic spells. The three mages of course were Elminster (representing Forgotten Realms), Mordenkainen (Greyhawk) and Dalamar (Dragon Lance).
2. Dalamar the dark elf was a curious choice to represent Krynn. My memory is fuzzy on the subject, but perhaps Raistlin was not available? Oh well. What was more surprising was Dalamar's departure and his replacement by a female mage named Rautheene.
3. I'm not sure what was going on in Ed's brain, maybe he wanted a female demographic, or maybe he just didn't like Krynn. I can't recall the in-story reason for Dalamar's absence. Beautiful and fun-loving, Rautheene is supposedly the apprentice of Mordy though she had never appeared in any other Greyhawk product before this article nor was she in any afterward. Indeed, the name "Rautheene" screams Ed Greenwood and Forgotten Realms more than Greyhawk, but hey the spirit of the article was cross-world relations. Perhaps Mordy picked her up in Sembia or somewhere.
4. So getting back to the comic parody, the Wizards Two ditches Dalamar and Rautheene and gets back to the hijinx of D&D's top two archmagi. What's scarier than Elminster's uber-magic? Elminster's uber-novels!
5. Now on the subject of minis, Wizards recently discontinued their very popular line of pre-painted plastic minis only a couple years on the heels of ending their D&D minis skirmish system. Apparently Wizards has other plans that involve even cheaper playing pieces. Kidding aside, though the sculpts and paint jobs of D&D minis looked like they were done by a blind man on speed, they are still invaluable to any DM who needs a huge assortment of monsters and NPCs to use in their campaigns. Luckily for those who rely on these versatile plastic minis, good ol Paizo Publishing has leapt into the void left behind again.
6. Shortly after D&D minis's demise, Paizo teamed up with Wizkids(of hero clix fame) to make Pathfinder pre-painted plastic minis. What few they've come up with already look to be superior to Wizard's brand. This is not surprising coming from a company that has been making unpainted metal minis in conjunction with Reaper for sometime. Wizards should be shamed by Paizo's efforts. Perhaps it's for the best they got out of the minis game.
7. The D&D mini of Elminster shown in the comic, if I recall correctly, was a special release at Gencon. I know my friend had one. And I think he got it meeting Ed Greenwood. If only I had the Wizards Three in mind back then....

More next time. ;)

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