November 23rd, 2007: This week I hammer home the ridiculousness of 4th edition's Pantheon article. The outright claim of Heironeous having ALWAYS been somehow uncool shocks me, and initial fanboy reaction online heaped on the praise for Bahamut as the new 'Paladingod the Paladin God'. I like Bahamut too but for some to say Heironeous lacks the flavor of the Platinum Dragon is pure lunacy. Sure he is the prototypical paladin but this is not all the flavor on Heironeous. He is part Achilles in that at birth his skin was treated with Meersalm solution, making his skin unbreakable. For all the edition debate over his chosen weapon being an axe or sword, few know he can hurl positive energy bolts making him every bit as fearsome as mythic Zeus. And the well known conflict with his brother Hextor is Shakespearian in scope, possibly even invoking the Old Testament's Cain and Abel.
For an example of Bahamut's so called flavor I direct you to this wiki entry showing how Bahamut as a mythological figure has become bastardized to the point of being just a 'cool' fantasy name to use in whatever form is needed.
One last subject to cover, the Aspect of Bahamut D&D mini is pretty cool I admit. I've found you can get it on Ebay for anywhere between $14.00 to $26.00. But here you can get Bahamut in just 3-6 business days. Hmm, I wonder which one Hextor bought? ;)

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