July 22nd, 2010: Prepare for some mind-twisting plotlines and rocketing action! You guessed it...

More at the end of the comic.

In case long time readers have forgotten, this strip has indeed been done before, way way back about 200 issues ago in the 'pilot' episode of Gods in Space. Yeah this was my plan all along to tie in this plotline. Now that it's done, let's examine some of the story's absurdities:

1. The Warden of course the crashed space ship from Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. It is an homage to the lost colony ship from the fantastic scifi RPG Metamorphosis Alpha by James Ward.
2. Can a Hammerhead Spelljammer cloak like on Star Trek? I don't know but I'm sure simple illusions can replicate it.
3. Zagig T. Yragerne? I wonder what the "T" stands for?
4. Phaulkhan (the evil twin universe version of Phaulkon) has two Olman deity allies that should be familiar to most D&D players. Spelling their names is another test altgother. Mictlantecuhtli and Camazotz
are not originally of Oerth. Why do they fly around in a hammerhead shark ship instead of a giant bat or skull shaped spelljammer? Search me.
5. Greyhawk is no stranger to retcons, so it is funny to realize that the deities of Greyhawk know about such continuity changes but they themselves can be unaware of them happening if they aren't the direct cause of the retcon. This updated strip has a few subtle retcons that allow it to fit into the greater G.i.S. storyline.
6. Borka, as described in Greyspace is indeed a cluster world inhabited by humanoids seeking retribution against the elves of Greela(Another cluster world). In the Unhuman War, these elves used their massed fleet like the Death Star to literally SHATTER Borka like an eggshell. Since Phaulkhan from the evil alternate universe of Uerth apparently says his Borka is a paradise world, I wonder what the elven world of Greela is like then?
7. Celestian may not look it, but as a lesser-god he is the most powerful of the trio. How he came to hang out with a couple demi-powers is untold in canon. Celestian does weild some frightening combat powers: Aurora Borealis (A circular wall of fiery light), Heat Lightning (a lightning bolt that also fuses all non-magic metal), Meteors (much like the Meteor Swarm spell), Space Chill (a wave of cold that also kills vegetation), Star Shine (Mass blindness), Thunder (Stunning and Deafening), and lastly Comet (which brings a flaming missile to strike one target up to 70 feet, igniting all combustibles. That's his comet power normally, so yeah he got a bit carried away in this episode...;)
8. Zagig and Murlynd can breath and talk in Greyspace because objects, even debris have a limited air envelope around them. Celestian the Star Wanderer, should logically be able to survive in space indefinitely.
9. The Greytrek has been destroyed. What will the crew do now? Find out next time!

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