November 18th, 2010: It's been almost three months since we last blasted off into wildspace for some spelljammer action. Now it's time for a new epic parody saga...

p.s. A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the comic plus more Cultist clues.

Okay so we still don't know what happened to the crew of the wrecked Greytrek, but all will be revealed. Speaking of which:

1. What announcement could be bigger than the identity of the cultists? Well it's been a long time coming. I've always felt this comic has had the feel of a gaming blog sometimes, so I wanted to make it just that. But I've always been too lazy to start a decent one up. Lately however, my comic creating mood has changed. So to alleviate my weekly grind yet not leave you, my friends hanging for more Greyhawk-related reading each week, I have FINALLY created the Greyhawk-centric blog I've always wanted. What you can expect is more posts, probably every other day or as news comes to mind, with my usual comic installments, albeit at an irregular schedule. An upside to this move is you, the reader will now have increased ability to comment on the comics, or any other trivial matters I talk about. It should be fun. It goes without saying that this website will still host my art and be linked to the blog, so nothing here will go away. Now, without further ado, I present:

2. Want some more info on the cultists? Better check out the blog, happy reading!

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