April 3rd, 2008: This week we rejoin Fharlanghn and Delleb on their quest for Greylore. One of the charming things about the World of Greyhawk boxed set is how it has a section on unique trees of the Flanaess. I have heard some people downplay this part of the setting lore but flora is integral to Greyhawk's feel. Like when running in the Theocracy of the Pale, how can one go into the Phostwood without knowing what a Phost tree is; or the Sable Wood without knowing what a, well, Sablewood tree is? And everyone knows elves live in forests, but a true fantasy forest will have them climbing around in Ipp (or the larger Ipt) trees. A quarterstaff is cool and all, but one made of Bronzewood or Hornwood is even more colorful. And then there is edibles. Why talk boring apples and oranges when you could wow players with Galda and Usk fruits? Small details like this can help with immersion in the game world just as much as unique name spells or artifacts. Still not immersed? Okay it's Delleb's turn. Enjoy.

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