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The Saga of Caerdiralor

Part One:
The Flight from Caerdiralor

Part Two:
The Fall of Myrsyma's Temple


The Sir Ivon Stories

Part One:
The Making of a Paladin

Part Two:
No Rest for the Wicked

Part Three:
The Work is Never Done

Part Four:
Even the Undead can Know Fear


That Infamous Key

Volume One

Volume One (all 10 parts) merged as a PDF

Part One:
A young magician, newly graduated from the University of Magical Arts witnesses a crime and agrees to help solve it, not realizing the depth of intrigue into which he has walked.

Part Two:
Our young magician and his new acquaintances find themselves in pursuit of a half-orc, which takes them through two of Greyhawk's seedier districts: Shacktown and Barge-end.

Part Three:
Our young magician and his associates find themselves an unlikely ally in the person of Brother Nicholi Nortoi, a Cuthbertine cleric at the Shrine in Shacktown.

Part Four:
Our young magician finds he needs the advice of an elven friend familiar with the ways of the City and ends up surprising one of his fellows.

Part Five:
Our young magician and his cohorts visit the Temple of Pholtus, but then find themselves facing a new challenge: An independent group of Thieves, who are at odds with Greyhawk's Guild of Thieves.

Part Six:
Our young magician and his confederates overcome monsters, traps and the guild's pets as they succeed in gaining the assistance of the Thieves..

Part Seven:
Our young magician and his fellows discover that there is more to their investigation than they first thought and seek for answers at Greyhawk's Great Library and the Temple of Boccob.

Part Eight:
Our young magician and his comrades discover a strange clue and find themselves needing the knowledge and advice of the young magician's Master.

Part Nine:
Our young magician and his allies need to leave the City and return to Shacktown to insure that matters are going well, only to find themselves embroiled in Brother Nortoi's conundrum.

Part Ten:
Our young magician and his collaborators find a simple matter quickly getting out of hand as they attempt to deal with the City's bureaucracy (with thanks to Maldin's original article on the topic).


Volume Two

Part Eleven:
Our young magician and his colleagues are finally able to depart the City of Greyhawk, but their adventure is not over yet.

Part Twelve:
Our young magician and his cronies arrive at the Tomb of Blood Everflowing, only to wonder at what dangers may await within.

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