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Maldin's Greyhawk

Maps of Mystery

by Denis Tetreault
 Version 2.0

You can never have too many maps at your disposal! On this webpage I'll post maps I've created for a variety of purposes. Some will have had something specific in mind, others are meant to be for general use - map doodling, so-to-speak. Either way, DMs are welcome to use these maps however they see fit.

Full-sized marsh map
The first addition to this page is map of a small salt-water, tidally-controlled marsh. On the map you'll find the following points of interest: A small fishing village, a crumbling keep, a manor/house/temple on an isolated island in the estuary, a well-hidden druids' circle, a partially sunken ship in a remote channel, and a secluded woodland bridge over a small river.

By rotating the map, you can place this on any orientation of coastline. Possible World of Greyhawk locations for the marsh and town could include the south Keoland coast where the Dreadwood Forest meets the Azure Sea, the south-westernmost coast of the Hold of the Sea Princes, the coast of the northern Amedio Peninsula, a coastal town on the Tilva Peninsula, the coasts of the larger islands in the Azure or the Aerdi/Oljatt, the southern coast of Idee where the Menowood meets the sea, the Relmor coast south of Chathold, and the Aerdi coast south of Rel Astra near the Grandwood.

For a full sized image, click here or on the thumbnail map.

Border Bridge map of mystery
The second map of mystery is an area where two small towns face each other across a canyon that separates their respective nations. A bridge spans the border allowing trade and travel, however both nations have fortified their sides of the bridge. Small, steep, and hidden gullies allow brave souls to reach the fast-flowing river and attempt to cross the border undetected, however ever-vigilant patrols constantly strive to prevent the smugglers from bypassing the customs officials at the bridge.

This location could be used in a wide variety of settings across the Flanaess, however a border between Bandit Kingdoms near the Rift Canyon would be a particularly good fit.

For a full sized image, click here or on the thumbnail map.

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