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Maldin's Greyhawk

Melkot Regional Timeline

by Denis Tetreault
Version 1.5

The Melkot region has a strong Suel history and thus the Suel calender is the standard used. Also, I use the Suel calender myself for my master timeline, because it eliminates the problem of negative years, however I've included a conversion in brackets for CY (which most sources use).

Note: ~ = approximately

~5070 (~ -450 CY)           Area first visited by migrating Suel peoples, a few gems found in nearby streams, Suel migrations begin

5094 (-420 CY)                 The Rain of Colorless Fire

~5200 (~ -320 CY)            First permanent residents in the area begin farming the plain

~5300 (~ -220 CY)           Gems panned in nearby stream by Suel prospectors

~5320 (~ -195 CY)            First mine opened by the Melkotia family, mining camp established where the nearby river exits the narrow valley

~5330 (~ -185 CY)            Original keep built by Kartok Melkotia, town of Melkot established

5418 (-96 CY)                   Yeomanry joins with Keoland

5450-5465 (-64 to -49 CY)  Melkot Keep built

5530-5565 (15-50 CY)      Castle Melkotia built (Royal Residence, Servants Quarters, and the Old Guard Tower and Barracks)

5675-5695 (160-180 CY)  City walls built

5710-5719 (195-204 CY) "The Years of Pestilence", plague caused by intentionally contaminated wells

5723-5729 (208 CY)         City water system constructed

5876 (361 CY)                   Yeomanry closes its borders to Keoland

5888 (373 CY)                  "The Great Fire" destroys three quarters of the city. Melkot rebuilt with mostly stone (now a city law)

5922 (407 CY)                   Arabis Melkotia I born

5952 (437 CY)                   Arabis Melkotia I becomes Lord of Castle Melkotia (age 30)

5957(442 CY)                    Arabis Melkotia II born

5959 (444 CY)                   The Sea Princes Confederation begins

5961 (446 CY)                   Rise of the Sea Princes

5967 (452 CY)                   Battle between the Sea Princes and Keoland

5968 (453 CY)                   Battle of Westkeep,

5975 (460 CY)                   Yeomanry becomes a separate state

5976-5978 (461-463 CY)   The New Guard Tower is added to Castle Melkotia

5987 (472 CY)                    Arabis Melkotia II becomes Lord of Castle Melkotia (age 30)

5991-5993 (476-478 CY)  "The Siege" by the Sea Princes in an attempt to take the Yeomanry and Keoland by surprise

5996 (481 CY)                   The Battle for Golotha

6002 (487 CY)                    Marchanter Melkotia born

6005-6013 (490-498 CY)   The Lord's Residence added to Castle Melkotia

6026 (511 CY)                    Marchanter (age 26) kills his father Lord Arabis II (age 69), "The Years of Dark Terror" begin

6029-6031 (514-516 CY)   Marchanter adds the Laboratory to Castle Melkotia

6035-6036 (520-521 CY)   The Skull is added to the front of the New Guard Tower

6041-6043 (526-528 CY)   The Twin Towers are built

6045 (530 CY)                     Marchanter destroys the Temple of Heironeous

6061 (546 CY)                     The Psionics Guild is forced to disband itself

6063 (548 CY)                     Marchanter disappears, "The Years of Dark Terror" end

6099 (584 CY)                     The present year of my campaign

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