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Maldin's Greyhawk

City of Melkot Locations

by Denis Tetreault
Version 1.1

The City Gates

Main Gate - This is the gate that all normal traffic must use into and out of the city. It is heavily guarded and serves as an inspection station. All people who pass must declare all gems and gemstones that they are carrying (including jewelry and gem-encrusted equipment or magic items, though the nature of such items is of no concern to the guards and inspectors). People, when declaring gems, must fill out appropriate forms at the inspection building just outside of the gate. All gems leaving the city are taxed 5%, as assessed by highly skilled inspectors, unless they were brought into the city as personal property and are accompanied by the appropriate paperwork that was filled out at the time of entry. To aid the guards in their inspection, the highest ranking officer currently on duty (a lieutenant, usually a 6th or 7th lvl fighter) carries a special item. "The Inspector" is an intelligent long sword +2, Int 13 Ego 6, Neutral Good, detects gems (kind and number) in a 20 ft radius and detects invisibility within a 30 ft radius.

Miner's Gate - Only citizens carrying a miners' or millers' guild card, or special papers, are allowed to pass through this gate. The attached wall and gate extending to the east is always closed except for the transportation of new mining equipment and supplies. Only raw gem materials carried by special couriers are allowed into the city by way of this portal..

Castle Gate - The most boring station. Since the abandonment of Melkotia Castle and the few buildings north of the city, this gate has not used at all. Anyone using this gate is automatically suspected of attempting to visit the Castle, considered "suspicious", and a report will be filed.

Gate of the Dead - This is the most feared post to be stationed at. The guards will allow people throught the gate, either into the cemetary or back into the city, only if they are accompanied by a priest of WeeJas. Funeral processions are counted when they enter the cemetary, and counted again before the gate is opened to allow them back into the city. Any discrepancies are investigated with vigor. No one will under any circumstances be allowed through the gate after nighfall. Any sounds emanating from the cemetary will never be investigated, though they will be reported. No guards of less than 3rd level will be found stationed here.

The Walls - Unlike most cities, the Melkot city walls are not only patrolled, but the guards are vigilant. They are always on the lookout for individuals (mainly smugglers) that are trying to circumvent the Main Gate by either attempting to go around the city and enter through another gate, or by going over the wall. Even the short stretch of free-standing wall projecting to the east of the city is patrolled, looking for individuals attempting to head south towards the mines.

The Dark City

The Dark City, a large block of buildings in the city's south west corner, is aptly named for several reasons. Not only because of the evil and dangerous atmosphere of the quarter, but because it really is... Dark. A glance at the map will reveal that much of the quarter is filled solid with buildings, and from the air one sees a sea of roofs. There are alleys (most of which are dead ends) all through the Dark City, however most buildings on either side of these alleys touch at their second floors, producing covered, tunnel-like paths that snake through the quarter in a dismal, sunless maze. All but two of the streets that once led into the quarter have been sealed off by the construction of newer buildings, and one of those apparent entrances (the western street) is in fact a dead end (ending at a Black Guard post). The quarter truly functions as a separate entity of its own, segregating itself from the surrounding city of Melkot, which is just fine with all involved. Entering the Dark City from the west through the alley brings visitors past the Assassins' Guild and a Black Guard post, and entering from the east forces visitors past the Thieves' Guild and another Black Guard post. The east and west doors into the Temple of Marchanter (formerly a temple to Heironeous) are sealed. The building can now only be entered from the north, and is truly the black heart of the Dark City. The street to the south can only be accessed through the Temple of Marchanter, and all the buildings that line it are controlled by the cult.

There is also an extensive tunnel system below the Dark City, which can be accessed through the Assassins' and Thieves' guildhalls and safehouses, through the cellars of most of the temples and taverns within the Dark City, and through buildings marked with an "E" on the map. The primary tunnels are as much a part of the Dark City infrastructure as the above ground alleys and roads (though there are also many secret tunnels known to only a few), and are irregularly patrolled by the Black Guard. The cellar of the building marked "E" immediately north of the Temple of Marchanter contains a well that taps into the city's water supply system and serves as the public water supply for Dark City residents.


City Locations

1  Melkot Keep 2. City Barracks

3. Weaponcrafter

4. Garrison Ostler

5. Bonding House and Granaries

6. Bonding/Inspection Station and Guard House

7. City Guard Post 8. Black Guard Post

9. Temple of Boccob

10. Temple of WeeJas

11. Temple of Fharlanghn

12. Temple of Trithereon

13. Temple of Kord

14. Temple of Celestian

15. Temple of Phaulkon and Jascar

16. Temple of Erythnul 17. Temple of Incabulos 18. Temple of Nerull 19. Temple of Beltar 20. Temple of Hextor 21. Temple of Marchanter 22. Fighter's Guild 23. The Games Arena 24. Mercantyler's Hall and Commodity Exchange

25. Miner's Guild

26. Kelbar Hall 27. The Circle 28. Gemcutter's and Jeweller's Guild 29. Abandoned Psionicist's Guild 30. Academy of Arcane Arts 31. Thieves' Guild 32. Assassin's Guild 33. The Scarlet Mushroom 34. Academy of the Deceptive Arts 35. Temple of Pholtus

36. Temple of Norebo

37. Temple of Fortubo

38. Temple of Lendore

39. Danin Kelbar's Estate

40. Inn - The Sword and Shield 41. Inn - The Ivory Pentagram 42. Inn - The Finished Stone 43. Inn - The Copper Coin 44. Inn - The Last Flagon 45. Inn - The Horse and Cart 46. Inn - The Eye of the Beholder 47. Inn - The Melkot Inn 48. Inn - The Mithral Pick 49. Inn - The Hooded Lantern 50. Inn - Marchanter's Staff 51. The Dice of Norebo 52. The Last Chance 53. City Ostler 54. Retired Alchemist 55. Locksmith 56. Residence 57. Alchemist 58. Alchemist 59. Estate of Herth Xyrin 60. Warehouses for trading companies 61. Embalmer 62. Scribe 63. Mapmaker 64. Illuminator 65. Book shop 66. Bookbinder 67. Merchant 68. Merchant 69. Scribe 70. Master Gemcutter 71. Gemcutter 72. Jeweller 73. Jeweller 74. Jeweller 75. Jeweller 76. Pawn Broker 77. Weaponcrafter 78. Weaponcrafter 79. Weaponcrafter 80. Armorer 81. Apothecary 82. Fortuneteller 83. Fortuneteller 84. The Caged Butterfly 85. The Succubi's Charms 86. The Magician

In the Future...

Details on several specific locations, such as the Academy of Arcane Arts, the Cemetary, the abandoned Psionicist's Guild, and more. Hopefully. ;-)

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