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The Irongate Project

by Denis Tetreault
Version 3.0


A Brief History of the Irongate Project

The Irongate Project (or IGP) was originally conceived as a collaborative web project to detail the World of Greyhawk's city of Irongate. The original organizers of this project were Gary Holian (email "Psmedger" at the canonfire(dot)com domain), Erik Mona  ("Iquander" at the aol(dot)com domain or at his Paizo home), and myself, Denis Tetreault ("maldin" at the canonfire(dot)com domain) [my feeble attempt to thwart web-cruising spam-bots]. Alas, development since its inception has waxed and waned as RealLife(tm) conspired against us. Where we all once had lots of spare time, we all now have jobs that keep us pretty darn busy. Periodically we do try to get back to it, and recently Gary and I did manage to get out an article mentioned below. Over the several  years since the idea hatched out of the GreyTalk chatroom, it has morphed, some of which has been published already in several different venues, however the idea of an online collaborative project still remains part of the goal, and I encourage anyone interested in contributing to join in the fun. Here within the several linked webpages of the Irongate Project are many suggestions for possible adventures and areas that need detailing. Check back periodically for new items (major additions will be listed on my Site History page). Discussion on the project has occurred in two forms: postings on the GreyTalk listserv, and live discussion on the Greytalk Live Chat each Thursday night.

Historically, information on Irongate has been extremely limited to say the least. This was part of the appeal of choosing Irongate for development. Available information consists of a short paragraph in the original World of Greyhawk Gazetteer (1980, and reprinted in the World of Greyhawk Setting boxed set), a few paragraphs in one of Gary Gygax's "From the Sorceror's Scroll" articles in Dragon Magazine Issue#57 (Jan. 1982), and an entry on Cobb Darg's wizard assistant Elayne Mystica in "Lords and Legends: A miscellany of magic-users" in Dragon Magazine Issue#139 (Nov. 1988). There have been no published adventures in Irongate or the immediate area.

Gary Holian originally wrote a beta-version of a history for the Irongate region that used to be posted on this site, however it was taken essentially as is and published as the Irongate entry in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (2000). Most recently, Gary and I published a co-authored article entitled "Irongate: City of Stairs" in Dragon Magazine issue #351 (Jan. 2007), and we have more such published material planned. I encourage you to check out that article as an overview of what we're trying to accomplish. That material, of course, cannot be reproduced here on this website. Some of my material that was cut from that article (both by myself during early development, and by final editing at the magazine) does appear on this website, however, on the City of Irongate overview page. Some of the general material presented on this website was co-developed by Gary and myself. Much of the material is mine alone, and not necessarily agreed upon by anyone else (including Gary). Development of any significant work by committee is difficult to say the least. Rarely will anything be agreed upon by everybody (and indeed is one of the contributing factors to the slow development of the "official", or "published", aspect of this project), but my intention in revamping and continuing to maintain the Irongate Project here on my website is to provide a smorgasbord of material which DM's can pick and choose from to create their own personal Irongate setting. Some of the material eventually presented here may even be mutually exclusive or contradictory. Nothing could be more "Greyhawk".

I will continue to maintain the core of the site as internally-consistent as possible so that DMs will find as much of the material usable as possible, including people writing for the Living Greyhawk Campaign, however I would also like to encourage others to submit original quality material of their own on the Irongate setting for posting to this website. Authorship of all submitted materials will be clearly indicated on the Irongate Project website, and remain the property of the original authors (including having it removed at a later date if they so wish). If submitters would like me to edit the material for setting consistency (and have it noted on posted material), I will be pleased to help, however it is not a requirement for submission. Within reason, of course!


The Irongate Project Directory

The Irongate Region overview   Regional maps and descriptions of the surrounding area

The City of Irongate overview   General maps of the city and immediate local area, as well as detail about the city.


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