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Maldin's Greyhawk

The Greyhawk School of Psionics

by Denis Tetreault
 Version 1.0

Psionics School location mapThe Greyhawk School of Psionics is a small and very secret organization run by Pantrell, the school Master. Acceptance into the school is only by referral, and, in fact, it is nearly impossible to even find without guidance. The school itself is hidden deep within the city sewer system, housed within a long abandoned secret temple complex once dedicated to an evil god. The temple was cleansed and blessed by friendly priests and is now thought to be perfectly safe. The school is reached by way of a disused sewer tunnel through a trap door in the basement of the Broken Staff. At the far end of the tunnel is a non-lethal portcullis trap to detain intruders. A secret entrance along the tunnel opens up into an apparently dead-end hallway. Here, one or more of the students will be dressed in an illithid suit to frighten the invaders as others from the school overpower them with their mental powers. Non-damaging powers, such as antipathy, memory, and mind control effects will be used to try and send the intruder away. If necessary, they will be overpowered, rendered unconscious, and left somewhere else in the city after their memory has been manipulated to forget the encounter. So far, the school has successfully maintained its secrecy. Only once was it necessary to call in "the Teacher" (see below) for help regarding an intrusion.

Master Pantrell (14th level Psionicist; AL N(NG)) is a highly skilled and powerful psionicist, trained by the legendary Grand Master Jethris himself. [Pantrell’s statistics vary according to which AD&D psionics system you use, therefore the details are left to the individual DM.] He alone provides all training in the psionic arts, along with the personal studies students do in the school’s small but very good library. About once every two weeks or so, a very elderly and eccentric wizard who is known only as "the Teacher" comes to the school and gives very detailed and highly animated lectures on creatures (mostly), places, and items that students may encounter in the adventuring world. These lectures are always accompanied by illusions of such extreme detailed and realism that they are uncomfortably indistinguishable from the real, living creature. "The Teacher" is obviously a very skillful wizard (probably a high level illusionist) and is equally obviously drawing from personal experience (amazing considering the types of creatures he describes). Though none of the students know for sure, they believe (correctly) that he is a major source of funding for the school. The owner of the Broken Staff is a good friend of Pantrell. Students often work in the tavern, as a chance to get a breath of fresh air, see the sun and meet other people, and joke among themselves on how they are the “broken staff” of the Broken Staff.

Students currently at the school include: Talos (male halfling, 4th Thief/ 3rd Psionicist), Shardin (male human, 2nd Lvl), and Autamma (female human, 1st Lvl). There were 2 other male students - Tyrus and Ronin. After reaching 1st Lvl they embarked on an adventure outside of the city, returned to train for another level (Tyrus had an unusual magical sword he had found), and then left again to follow up on a mystery they had stumbled on. It has been about 7 months now and they have not returned. Talos, a halfling hailing from Elmshire to the north, has undertaken several adventures hoping to find what fate befell his friends. Their last known destination was the dark heart of the Suss Forest.

DM's Notes: As the School is very secret, this entire webpage can be considered "DM's Notes". Having said that, Grand Master Jethris was a prominent member of the near-mythical Melkot psionics guild, forced to mysteriously disband in CY 546. Pantrell almost certainly knows the current whereabouts of his former teacher.

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