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Maldin's Greyhawk

City of Greyhawk Street Index

by Denis Tetreault
 Version 1.0

Here you will find the street index map for my City of Greyhawk poster map published in the Living Greyhawk Journal #2, a low-resolution version of which can be found on my City of Greyhawk main page (without the cluttering text of street names). After the imbedded map can be found a listing of the street names arranged by City Quarter. This work includes all City of Greyhawk street names from official TSR/WotC modules and supplements set within the City, all CoG street names mentioned within E. Gary Gygax's Gord the Rogue novels, all CoG street names published within Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine articles, as well as a few names from my personal campaign, and has over 110 streets, alleys and courts identified.

Placing the locations from the Gord novels onto my map (which was based on the post-EGG City of Greyhawk boxed set) was particularly difficult, as there has never been a map showing their locations in EGG's version of the city, and it seems from Gary's narrative that he likely never had an actual detailed map in mind when he wrote the novels. I believe I've done a pretty good job of preserving their spatial relationships based on his narrative, and you should be able to follow Gord across the map as you read the stories (with a very few necessary linking streets not mentioned in the stories). The image itself is shrunk slightly to fit on this web page without having to scroll left-right on smaller monitors, however clicking on the image or downloading it will show the full resolution necessary to make out all of the text labels clearly.

Street Listing by City Quarter

Garden and High Quarters

Embassy Circle
Garden Road
Gnarley Way
High Street
Hilltop Lane
The Path of the Sun
The Processional
Temple Row
Welkwood Boulevard
Wharf Road


Apprentice Walk
Avenue of the Fountains
Bard Street
Burnbook Lane
College Road
Eastwall Street
The Millway
The Processional
Scholars' Path
Street of the Temples
University Street

Artisan Quarter

Baker Street
Basket Case
Batwing Lane
Brick Lane
Candlewick Lane
Castle Street
Cobbler Street
Cooper Street
Craftsmans Way
Eastwall Street
Harper Street
Haven Lane
Inkwell Lane
Marsh Street
Potters' Road
The Processional
Scrivener's Crescent
Smith Road
Street of Silks
Tailor Street
Vertwall Close

Foreign Quarter

Bobclay's Alley
Cairn Court
Hardcobbles Way
Heart's Desire
High Lane
Horseshoe Road
Liberty Street
Lost Lane
Marsh Street
Muddle Street
Nevern Walk
The Processional
Right Way
Roanwood Road
Rotwater Way
The Shambles
Street of Songs
Summoner Court

River Quarter

Blue Boar Street
Cargo Street
Fortune Street
Gold Orb Court
Horseshoe Road
Open Close
Reef Alley
River Street
The Strip
Water Street
Zee Alley

Thieves’ and Slum Quarters

Assassins End
Bad End
Beggar's End
Black Lane
Black Wall Close
Blackjack Boulevard
Brewer Street
Bullocks Road
The Circle
Cleaver Street
Cross Street
Cudgel Close
Cut Throat Lane
Cutpurse Alley
Dead Horse Lane
Dead Man's Walk
Dim Road
Felbo Close
Garrotte Street
Hardby Street
Haven Street
Hothand Street
Killcat Lane
Lost Dagger Lane
Mad Cow Run
Mire Street
Odd Alley
Old Lane
Phantom Court
The Processional
Rag Alley
Rats Road
Redcobbles Lane
Selintan Court
Shadow Lane
Snake Street
Stiletto Street
Thieves' Way
Tosspot Lane
Uskbarrel Road
Yarpick Lane

The Outskirts

Aftcastle Lane
Anchor Street
Caravan Way
The Dockway
Ery Trail
Forecastle Lane
High Road
Journey's End
Marsh Path
River Road
Riverside Road

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