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Maldin's Greyhawk

City of Greyhawk Map Index

by Denis Tetreault
 Version 1.7

The following list is an updated location index of my City of Greyhawk map, originally published as a poster insert in the Living Greyhawk Journal #2.

My City of Greyhawk main page, contains 3 maps:

The first is a new high resolution map (City of Greyhawk v. 2.0) with location numbers that correspond to both the list published in LGJ#2, and with the more complete list on this webpage.

The second map is a low-resolution version of my original LGJ#2 map (City of Greyhawk v. 1.0) where hovering your mouse cursor over the red dots brings up a pop up label of that location, so that you don't have to look up locations in this list.

The third map on that page is a map of the Undercity, also with new locations that can only be found on this website.

The City of Greyhawk street index map identifies all of the streets from the various official source books, adventures, supplements, and magazines, as well as streets mentioned in E. Gary Gygax's Gord the Rogue novels.

In addition to the localities first listed in the accompanying articles in LGJ #2, the City of Greyhawk v. 2.0 map contains many new localities from Dungeon Magazine, Living Greyhawk Core advertures, and other locations found only on this website. Foreign Quarter locations listed as 1 to 38 are described in Dungeon Issue #128 in an article by Richard Pett about the "Midnight's Muddle" neighborhood in the Free City as a backdrop article for the Age of Worms adventure path. I've also added the locations from Jason Bulmahn's Dragon #114 Mad God Key and his COR4-12 Key to the Grave RPGA adventure, the action therein centers around A19 The Broken Staff and the surrounding neighborhood. Locations from Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk (by Erik Mona, James Jacobs and Jason Bulmahn) have also been added. As time goes on, I'll be adding pages to my website for more and more of these locations.
"r" = undescribed residences

Geographic Locations

The Selintan River
Barge End
Far Bank
High Market
Low Market

The Grand Citadel

GC1 The Grand Citadel’s Wall and Towers
GC2 Battle Gate and Gate House
GC3 The Great Blockhouse
GC4 Half Circle Wall
GC5 Prison Blockhouse
GC6 The Redoubt
GC7 Stables
GC8 Courtyard

City Gates

CG1 Highway Gate
CG2 Marsh Gate
CG3 Cargo Gate
CG4 St.Cuthbert's Gate
CG5 Wharfgate
CG6 Duke's Gate
CG7 Druid's Gate
CG8 Black Gate
CG9 Garden Gate

Artisans’ Quarter

A1 Guildhall of Architects &Stonemasons
A2 Metalsmiths' Hall
A3 Artisans' Quarter City Watch Station
A4 Carpenters' Guildhall
A5 Performing Artistes' Guildhall
A6 Guildhall of Leatherworkers, Weavers &Tailors
A7 Fruit of the Mill
A8 New City Fountains
A9 Guildstation of the Nightwatchmen
A10 Grand Tent
A11 Halmaster's Hall
A12 The Fat of the Hog
A13 Laborers' Union Hall
A14 Eridok's Expedition Provisions
A15 Maldin and Elenderi's Shop
A16 Residence - Dorshak Krane
A17 Darred Hebbren's tower
A18 The Wild Goose
A19 The Broken Staff, a = Tel Dittle's adjacent residence
A20 The Nine of Swords
A21 Maps by Melezakan
A22 The Grinning Mammet
A23 Able Carters Coaching House
A24 Britches and Stitches - tailor (COR4-12)
A25 Leather shop (COR4-12)
A26 Leather shop (COR4-12)
A27 Preem's Provisions (COR4-12)
A28 Kalia's Confectionaries (COR4-12)
A29 Stone Heel - cobbler (COR4-12)
A30 Residence - Rel Nefid (COR4-12)
A31 Wheelright's Shop - Argrus Tasslenn (COR4-12)
A32 The Silver Star - Jelvian Siloqian, silversmith (COR4-12)
A33 The King's Grain - brewery, brothers Vetner and Tergrat (COR4-12)
A34 Herbalist - Yrsana Oakentress (COR4-12)
A35 Barrelmaker - Falkwin (COR4-12)
A36 Sage - Verdilassan (COR4-12)


C1a Grey College - Hall of the Dean
C1b Grey College - College Hall
C1c Grey College - Timber Hall
C1d Grey College - Iolavai House
C2 The Great Library of Greyhawk
C3 The Old Mill
C4 The Black Dragon Inn
C5 Jewelers' &Gemcutters' Guildhall
C6 University of Magical Arts
C7 The City Mint
C8 New Mill College
C9 The Bardschool
C10 Bridge of Entwined Hearts
C11 The Savant Tavern
C12 Free City Arena
C13 Clerkburg City Watch Station
C14 The Roc &Oliphant Tavern
C15 University of the Flanaess
C16 Guild Station of the Nightwatchmen
C17 The School of Clerkship
C18 Gnarleyhouse
C19a Students' Quarter residences
C19b Students' Quarter residences
C19c Students' Quarter residences
C19d Students' Quarter residences
C19e Students' Quarter residences
C20 Guildhall of Lawyers and Scribes
C21 Temple of Celestian
C22 Boardinghouse - room of Talasek Thraydin
C23 Residence - Derider Fanshen
C24 Residence - Elraniel Tasmarien
C25 Temple of Boccob
C26 Residence - sage
C27 Safehouse of the Seekers (Oerth Journal #25)

Foreign Quarter

F1 Mercenaries' Guildhall
F2 Silver Dragon Inn
F3 Sages' Guildhall
F4 Blue Dragon Inn
F5 Ahlissan Merchants' Headquarters
F6 Moneychangers' and Pawnbrokers' Guildhall
F7 City Workhouse
F8 The Pit
F9 Cartographers' Guildhall
F10 Foreign Quarter City Watch Station
F11 Translators' Guildhall
F12 Red Serpent Restaurant
F13 Guildstation of the Nightwatchmen
F14 Burrow Heights
F15 Nyrondese Traders' Hall
F16 Little Ket
F17 Temple of Rao
F18 The Silver Garter
F19 Temple of Trithereon
F20 Fallen Mage Townhouse
F21 The Whistling Fish
F22 Residence - Gruenab
F23 Abandoned Bathhouse
F24 Residence - Kardis the Sage
F25 Residence - Sir Lemajen Sterrich
F26 Porbell's Pawnshop
F27 Residence - Kelas Arnad
F28 The Grey Tower of Loz Toron
F29 Residence - Harm Bumastus
F30 Warehouse of Morton Hammel
F31 Theldrat's Locksmithy (Dungeon Magazine #114)
1-38 Midnight's Muddle (Dragon Magazine #128)
. 1 Tarquin's Manor
. 2 The Crooked House
. 3 Mobber's Tasty Vegetables
. 4 Crowmar's Magnificent Lantern Emporium
. 5 Murdo's Pantry
. 6 Ret's Taxidermy
. 7 A Tinge of Vellum
. 8 Moxitled's Alchemical Wares
. 9 Two-Boy Theatre
. 10 Shortstone Wines
. 11 Wake's Construction
. 12 Ruined Shrine
. 13 Burnt Hovel
. 14 Burnt Shop
. 15 Mistress Crump's Hovel
. 16 Tattoo Parlor
. 17 Lobbly the Butcher
. 18 Marik's Buns
. 19 Horatio Rib's Everything
. 20 Shrine of the Weeping Woman
. 21 Meply's Alchemical Curatives
. 22 Din Danly's Alchemical Curatives
. 23 Yalexex's Abode
. 24 Weft Tower
. 25 The Boat
. 26 The Two-Necked Swan
. 27 Zud's Towering Armory
. 28 Soul's Paraphernalia
. 29-35 The Muddle - Residences
. 36 Ph'xeris The Miracle
. 37 Web's Rooftop Dragonchess Parlor
. 38 Shrine to Obad-Hai

Garden Quarter

G1 City Botanical Gardens &Well
G2 Otto's Residence
G3 The Nymph and Satyr Inn
G4 Sacred Temple of St.Cuthbert
G5 High Tower Tavern &Hostelry
G6 Star of Celene Inn
G7 Garden Quarter City Watch Station
G8 Gold Dragon Inn
G9 The Grand Theatre
G10 Temple of Pelor
G11 The Golden Phoenix
G12 Temple of Zilchus
G13 Chapel of Fharlanghn
G14 Sanctum of Heironeous
G15 Residence - Adarian Herbifrage, Sage
G16 Temple of Istus
G17 Residence - Judge Porthos
G18 Residence - Kiri &Marie
G19 Residence - Barlo Millrose
G20 Residence - Aestrella Shanfarel
G21 Residence - Phillidor
G22 Embassy of Furyondy
G23 Patrician's Club
G24 Lord Silverfox's Manor
G25 Royal Opera House
G26 Villa Noblesse

High Quarter

H1 Embassy of the Duchy of Urnst
H2 Lord Henway's Menagerie
H2a Henway Family Manor
H2b Grey Manor
H2c The Aviary
H3 Wheel of Gold Gambling House
H4a Embassy Circle Manor
H4b Embassy Circle manor
H4c Embassy Circle manor
H4d Embassy Circle manor
H4e Embassy Circle manor
H4f Embassy Circle manor
H5 The Lord's Tomb
H6 Residence of Fioranna Aielestriel
H7 City Guard Barracks
H8 Nightwatchmen's Guildstation
H9 Courts of Justice
H10 City Gaol
H11 Diplomatic Residence
H12 Residence - Stivak Dorbreddin
H13 Wizards' Guildhall
H14 Lord Mayor's Palace
H15 Residence - Org Nenshen
H16 Residence - Jallarzi Sallavarian
H17 Residence - Glodreddi Bakkanin
H18 The Tomb
H19 Bluto House


O1 City Cemetary
O2 Lord Wheatsmill's Manor
O3 City Slaughterhouse
O4a Caravan Park
O4b Caravan Park
O5 Merchants' and Traders' Guild Livery
O6 Millstream Effluent
O7 Stone Ring
O8 Lord Wainwright's Manor
O9 Grey College Observatory
O10a Caravan Warehouse
O10b Caravan Warehouse
O10c Caravan Warehouse

River Quarter

R1 River Quarter City Watch Station
R2 The Green Dragon Inn
R3 Low Seas Tavern
R4 The Wizard's Hat Inn
R5 Guildstation of the Nightwatchmen
R6 Tarnek McGloogan's Warehouse
R7 The River Rat
R8 Temple of Pholtus
R9 Gobayuik's Undertakers
R10 West City Warehouse
R11 Barge Inn
R12 The Dogtail Inn
R13 The Maned Lady
R14 The Sea Willow
R15 Abandoned house
R16 Abandoned manor - Green Dagger Guildhouse (Dungeon Magazine #114)
R17 Hauld's Apothecary (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)
R18 Dark Moon Monastery (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)
R19 Pirthan Estate (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)
R20 The Lore of the Lake (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)
R21 Onella's Palms (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)
R22 Geeridan's (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)
R23 Nulligan's Trove (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)
R24 Khellek's Tower (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)
R25 River Quarter Mission (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)
R26 Iuzite Safe House (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)
R27 Geld's Maps/Lodge of the Seekers (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)

Slum Quarter

S1 World's End Tavern
S2 False Duke's Stables
S3 Beggars' Union Guildhall
S4 Temple of Ralishaz
S5 Assassins' Guildhall
S6 Garraldson's Locksmithy
S7 Dragon Turtle Tavern
S8 Left Hand Inn
S9 Fedroot's Daggerarium
S10 Old City Well
S11 Chapel of Ulaa
S12 Flophouse


ST1 Shrine of StCuthbert
ST2 Sawmill

Thieves’ Quarter

T1 Turin's Servant Agency
T2 Whitehorse Inn
T3 Old City Watch Station
T4 Merchants' and Traders' Union
T5 Madame Serena's Fortunetelling
T6 White Dragon Inn
T7 Guildstation of the Nightwatchmen
T8 Gold Digger Tavern
T9 Brass Dragon Inn
T10 Chapel of Olidammara
T11 Shrine of Beory
T12 City Orphanage
T13 Public Bathhouse
T14 Fischer's Locksmithy
T15 Common Crypt
T16 Millrose Brewery
T17 Madame Zaccaruso's Rooms for Rent
T18 The Cindered Augur
T19 Nyrondal House
T20 Halfhock's Pawnshop
T21 Old City Great Hall (Thieves' Guild)
T22 Phoenix Boarding House
T23 City Depot
T24 Hariad's Jewelry
T25 The Hanged Man Inn
T26 Esteemed Chapel of Norebo
T27 Vesper's Pawnshop
T28 Mama Esther's
T29 Odd House
T30 Fish Processing Warehouse
T31 Mill/Grain Warehouse
T32 Produce Warehouse
T33 abandoned warehouse
T34 abandoned residence
T35 Great Burn Court


W1 Temple of Xerbo and Osprem
W2a Office of the Cargo Inspectorate &Warehouse
W2b Office of the Cargo Inspectorate &Warehouse
W2c Office of the Cargo Inspectorate &Warehouse
W2d Office of the Cargo Inspectorate &Warehouse
W3 Dockers' and Wharfmen's Union Hall
W4 Pilots' &Seamen's Guildhall
W5 Wharves City Watch Station
W6 City Warehouse
W7 The Free Traders office &warehouse
W8 Temple of Procan
W9 Eridok's Warehouse (see A14)
W10 Snagtooth Shipbuilding
W11 Residence - Fionor Clawhand
W12 Alliance of Tenha Workers'
W13 Abandoned smuggler's warehouse


U1 Thieves' Guild
U2 Secret Shrine of Incabulos
U3 Assassins' Guild
U4 Burrow of Darek Halfplow
U5 The Cult of the Shriven Sickle
U6 Citadel Cellar
U7 Samrad Bevrain's Monster Pens
U8 Shrine of Incabulos
U9 Temple of Iuz
U10 Greyhawk School of Psionics
U11 Sturtevant's Vault
U12 Jewellers' and Gemcutters' Guild Vaults
U13 Dungeons of the Magic Shop
U14 Abandoned Smugglers' Warehouse
U15 Derro Cave
U16 Zagig's Chambers
U17 Aestrella's Underground Lair
U18 Tanar'ri Temple
U19 Ruin Dungeons
U20 Lords' Tomb
U21 Common Crypts

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