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The Living World of Greyhawk WebRing is back in action and has a new permanent home!!!

The World of Greyhawk was the first detailed RPG campaign world, and its popularity has only increased since it was designated as the official "core" world for 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. In association with this, the Role Playing Games Association began the most ambitious international campaign ever, the Living Greyhawk campaign, and its success has been nothing less then phenomenal.

The purpose of this webring is twofold. First of all, for Living Greyhawk fans, it provides a convenient way to navigate all the official regional Living Greyhawk websites (that bother to join). Secondly, the ring has a new administrative mandate. As triad members cycle through, website URLs and contact information for each region changes from time to time, so any collection of weblinks eventually becomes increasingly out of date. As a result, there has never been a single, up-to-date collection of LG triad websites. The place where such a hub should exist - the official RPGA website - is notoriously mismanaged, misinformed, neglected and unnavigable. The Living World of Greyhawk Webring can solve this problem. As each triad has complete editorial control over their individual webring memberships, they can keep their webpage URLs constantly updated. If a triad's information gets out of date within the ring, the triad only has itself to blame.

For this to work, I would like to invite all official Living World of Greyhawk regional triads to submit their websites to this ring. But only the official sites! In this way, there will be a complete, continuously up-to-date list of regional websites all in one place... the webring's hub page... with no extraneous sites cluttering up the master list. For Living Greyhawk fans with their own private sites, I heartily encourage you to submit your site to the Greyhawk Adventures Webring.


Joining the Living World of Greyhawk WebRing

The requirements for joining the webring are pretty simple. The site you are submitting must be an official Living Greyhawk regional site. There are some exceptions I am willing to entertain, however I won't elaborate on that at this time. Secondly, the ring navigation coding absolutely must be on your main page - the page you are submitting. No exceptions. No links pages. This way people can surf from main page to main page between sites. When you submit your site, you will receive an email with your site ID and instructions on how to obtain the HTML fragment and server-side navigation bar coding for the webring. One of these must then be placed onto the same webpage that you have submitted. You can use which ever format (HTML or SSNB) you feel best fits with your website design. I am allowing both types of navigation. Once I have verified that all is in order, your site will be added to the ring.

Using the HTML coding (obtained below) should look like this:

Previous Site
Next Site
Join Ring
List Sites
Ring Home

Using the SSNB coding (which you must get by logging in to your webring member account, since it is uniquely generated for the URL you submit) should look like this (there will be a bar for each webring you belong to):


This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here.

Submitting your Site: The easiest way to submit your site is to click here on "Join Ring". Alternatively, you can click on "Site List", which will take you to Click on "Join this ring" near the top right of the page. Either way, this should bring up a page that asks for an existing ring user ID and, if you don't have one already, a link for creating a new ring user ID. Once you have a user ID and log in, you should appear at the Living World of Greyhawk join page. Follow the step-by-step instructions. You can always change your information, or the type of navigation coding you use, if you wish to in the future.


Editing your WebRing Site Information

You can always edit your information easily by going to any webring directory or hub page, and clicking on "Sign In" at the top of the page. From there, you can edit any site you have registered with any webring.


Links from Non-Member Pages

Living Greyhawk fans with their own webpages may wish to have a link to this webring. I'd like to encourage that as much as possible, though only official triads sites can actually belong to the webring. For those who would still like to link to the ring, you have two possible choices. Feel free to use either method. The first choice is to use the LWoG webring symbol with a hyperlink to the ring hub page at;list. Like so....

Please do not link directly to this webpage, as it is temporary and will change in the near future. If you use the URL above, your link will function normally no matter where this homepage moves to in the future.

For those who wish to include ring navigation coding as a service, you are welcome to use the following html as a link directing people to the webring without actually being a member of the ring (and therefore not receiving traffic from the ring). You do not submit your site, nor will you be assigned a site number, for this purpose. And since you are not a LWoG webring member, it doesn't matter if this is on your main page or not (unlike member pages). Please download the file lwogring.jpg (at the top of this page) and use this coding on your webpage...

<!-- Begin non-member Living World of Greyhawk WebRing Fragment-->
<a href=";hub" target=_top>
<img src="lwogring.jpg" alt="Living World of Greyhawk Webring" width="167" height="89"> </a>
<br clear=all>Click here for [
<a href=";hub" target=_top>Site List</a> |
<a href=";random" target=_top>Random Site</a> |
<a href=";id=2&amp;go" target=_top>Homepage</a> ]
<!-- End Webring Fragment--> 

This coding will produce the following result:

Living World of Greyhawk Webring
Click here for [ Site List | Random Site | Homepage ]




Visit the Living World of Greyhawk Ringmaster's own home page....






For those who wish to use old fashion HTML coding, cut and paste the code below, and download the webring logo lwogring.jpg.

Important Note: After you submit your site, you will receive a confirmation email with your Site ID number. Within the coding below, you must replace the # symbol highlighted in red with your site ID number. For example, if your site ID is 69 then you replace # with 69 in the four places where it appears.

<center><!-- Begin Living World of Greyhawk WebRing Fragment-->
<table border="0" width="275" height="89" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="167" valign="middle" align="center">
<a href=";id=#&amp;hub" target=_top>
<img border="0" src="lwogring.jpg" width="167" height="89"></td>
<a href=";id=#&amp;prev" target=_top>Previous Site</a><br>
<a href=";id=#&amp;next" target=_top>Next Site</a><br>
<a href=";addsite" target=_top>Join Ring</a><br>
<a href=";id=#&amp;hub" target=_top>List Sites</a><br>
<a href=";id=2&amp;go" target=_top>Ring Home</a> </p>
</center><!-- End Living World of Greyhawk WebRing Fragment-->


This page last modified on December 21, 2004