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The Greyhawk Adventures WebRing is back in action and has a new permanent home!!! This ring is meant to bring together the many websites dedicated to the World of Greyhawk Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting. Why struggle with a links page that is constantly going out of date. People move their websites, or bring them down. Do you have the time to continuously keep checking that every one of your links to other sites still lead to a functioning website? To keep searching for and adding new sites? Why not have a links page of Greyhawk websites that keeps itself updated constantly? Join the Greyhawk WebRing!

To begin your exploration of the World of Greyhawk Online, you may go to the WebRing list of sites, or visit a random site.


Joining the Greyhawk WebRing

The requirements for joining the webring are pretty simple. Your site needs to have some Greyhawk content. No content, no acceptance. Collections of links do not qualify. Your site should be reasonably well laid out, and must not contain any illegally copied or reproduced copyrighted materials. And when using materials created by other fans, always ask their permission first! Sites who don't will be removed. When you submit your site, you will receive an email with your site ID and the HTML fragment for webring navigation automatically customized for the site number you are assigned. This fragment must then be placed onto the same webpage that you have submitted (so that visitors surfing through the ring don't have to search your entire site for a way to get to the next site). Once I (or one of my webring helpers) have verified that all is in order, your site will be added to the ring.

During the recent past,, the hoster for this and many other rings, was acquired by Yahoo and underwent major changes, most of which were disastrous. Later, became independent again, and underwent yet more major changes, many of which helped corrected some of the problems caused by Yahoo. The upshot of these changes mean that many rings, including this one, are in tatters and trying to get back into shape. One of the more problematical issues is that joining isn't as simple as it once was.

Submitting your Site: The easiest way to submit your site is click on "Site List", which will take you to Click on "Join this ring" near the top right of the page. This will bring up a page that asks for an existing ring user ID and, if you don't have one already, a link for creating a new ring user ID. Once you have a user ID and log in, you should appear at the Greyhawk Adventures Webring join page. Follow the step-by-step instructions. You will then get instructions for getting coding for the Server Side Navigation Bar (SSNB) you need to add to your page. For now, the HTML coding described below will work just fine (if you prefer the old style like I do), though I'm not sure if Webring will maintain its functionality indefinitely. You can always change it if the situation changes.


Editing your WebRing Site Information

The WebRing has been out of commission for so long, many of you may find it necessary to edit your site information (for example, if your site has moved in the last 6 months). Eventually I'll be going through all the existing sites to verify that they still exist, and are correct. If there are any problems (such as forgotten passwords or permanently removed websites), please email me by sending a message to "maldin" at the domain - its my feeble attempt at limiting web-cruising spambots).

To edit your site information, log into with your user number, and go to the management page. The ring ID is "greyhawk". The site ID is the site number you were assigned when joining the ring.


For Pre-existing Ring Members

If your webpage hasn't had the ring coding updated since November 2002, your webring html fragments needs to be changed for all to be well again, or you can log onto Webring (instructions above) and get the new Server Side Navigation Bar coding (SSNB). Because the homepage changed several years ago, the two href-line URL designations of  "" must be removed. Even coding that uses this homepage's old "" URL must be changed, as the homepage has moved to its new home. Also, the image source (img src) should point to your own directory and you must download the image (at the top of this page), place it in your webpage directory, and remove the URL path completely. Also, changing the two href lines and downloading the logo will guarantee that everything will work no matter where the ring homepage moves in the future. You'll never have to change it again.


Webring Navigation Coding

All webpages belonging to the Greyhawk Adventures Webring must have ring navigation coding on page that is submitted - usually your main page. There are two choices allowed for the type of coding. You may use the Server Side Navigation Bar (SSNB) coding, which is generated based on your URL, so you must log into your ring membership account and get it from's server. If you wish, you may use the old-style HTML coding. If you choose the later, your webring html fragment should look like the following. In this case you must download the gring.gif into your directory, and you must replace the "#" with your individual site ID number (for example, the Webring Homepage site number is 1, therefore the parameter would be id=1).

<!-- Begin The Greyhawk Adventures WebRing Member Fragment-->
<a href=";id=#&amp;hub" target=_top>
<img src="gring.gif" alt="Greyhawk Adventures WebRing"> </a>
<br clear=all>Click for the [
<a href=";id=#&amp;prev" target=_top>Previous</a> |
<a href=";id=#&amp;next" target=_top>Next</a> |
<a href=";id=1&amp;go" target=_top>Home Page</a> |
<a href=";id=#&amp;hub" target=_top>Site List</a> ]
Want to join the ring? Click here for
<a href=";addsite" target=_top>Info</a>
<!-- End Webring Fragment-->

In the end, the HTML ring navigation coding should product the following result:

Greyhawk Adventures WebRing
Click for the [ Previous | Next | Home Page | Site List ]
Want to join the ring? Click here for Info


Convention and Online Store Websites, and other Links Pages

Convention and online store websites often like to have pages with webring links as both a service to fans and as a way to generate traffic to advertise their sites. These sorts of sites rarely have any sort of "content". Also, the webring links are invariably buried somewhere on the site far from the mainpage submitted to the ring. This makes navigation of the ring difficult to say the least. For these reasons I will turn down any requests of this nature to join the ring. If your site does have content of interest to Greyhawk fans, then I will consider your application for the page which has the Greyhawk content, not your main page. I do acknowledge the desire for people to provide an altruistic service to fans by listing webrings, but I will not tolerate sites that join webrings for the sole purpose of directing traffic to their own commercial site while providing nothing to the Greyhawk community itself. For those who just wish to list the webring as a service, you are welcome to use the following html as a link directing people to the webring without actually being a member of the ring (and therefore not receiving traffic from the ring). You do not submit your site, nor will you be assigned a site number, for this purpose. Please download the file gring.gif (at the top of this page) and use this coding on your webpage...

<!-- Begin The Greyhawk Adventures WebRing Non-Member Fragment-->
<a href=";hub" target=_top>
<img src="gring.gif" alt="Greyhawk Adventures WebRing"> </a>
<br clear=all>Click here for [
<a href=";hub" target=_top>Site List</a> |
<a href=";random" target=_top>Random Site</a> |
<a href=";id=1&amp;go" target=_top>Info</a> |
<!-- End Webring Fragment-->

This coding will produce the following result:

Greyhawk Adventures WebRing
Click here for [ Site List | Random Site | Info |

Others who for one reason or another would like to have a link to the Greyhawk Adventures Webring, but who may not qualify for content or main-page placement for the ring html (such as "links" pages), are also free to use this html without becoming part of the ring itself.


The RPGA's Living World of Greyhawk

The World of Greyhawk was the first detailed RPG campaign world, and its popularity can only increase now that it has been designated as the official "core" world for 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. In association with this, the Role Playing Game Association has begun the most ambitious international campaign ever, the Living Greyhawk campaign. For more information about this, and the various regions of the LivingWorld campaign, visit our sister ring, the Living World of Greyhawk Webring. This ring links together sites specifically dedicated the the RPGA Network's Living World of Greyhawk campaign.

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