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Maldin's Greyhawk

GenCon 2001

by Denis Tetreault
 Version 1.1

Ever wonder what the movers and shakers of online and official Greyhawk look like? These two photos capture many of them!

Above at the Rock Bottom Tavern in Milwaukee: Clockwise starting with the guy in the red T-shirt
Tyler Bannister (former Living Greyhawk Ket triad), Noel Graham ("Watcher", founder Pocket Guide Project), Sam Weiss ("Samwise", former Living Greyhawk Keoland triad), Erik Larson ("Pinback"), Erik Mona ("Iquander", Living Greyhawk founder, Living Greyhawk Gazetteer writer/editor, current managing editor of both Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine), Fred Weining ("Psychlops/Rary", Living Greyhawk Gazetteer writer), Denis Tetreault ("Maldin", see my 'Who is Maldin' page), Russ Taylor (former Living Greyhawk Duchy of Urnst triad), Sean K Reynolds ("Veggieboy", Greyhawk writer and WotC employee), and Randy Patton ("Dethand") in the front. Plus Stephen Radney-MacFarland's gut ("SRM", current RPGA HQ honcho and Living Greyhawk "Circle") on the far right.

Above at the HekaForge booth: From left to right (see upper photo for what most of these guys do)
Some dude looking in another direction who just got in the shot, Noel Graham ("Watcher"), Erik Larson ("Pinback") in back, Gary Gygax's son Alex (red shirt), Pierre Alexandre-Sicart, Gary Gygax (creator of both D&D and Greyhawk), Russ Taylor, Sam Weiss ("Samwise"), and Denis Tetreault ("Maldin").


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