December 7th, 2006: This week's topic idea was put forward by the longtime greyfan from the Canadian north, Maldin. You may know him better from his work on the Living Greyhawk Journal's updated Greyhawk City map or his heavily touted Greyhawk site at You will also see more of his handiwork in Dragon magazine in the coming month.
This week we finally confront the hype over Wizard's official announcement of Erik Mona and co.'s 'secret' Greyhawk project: Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. The latest in the Expedition series of 'revisited' hardback super-adventures, this is also the latest attempt in a long line of published or to be published versions of the Gary Gygax's famous dungeon. With so many variations of the same ruins floating out there, facts and canon can be become quite confusing. Fortunately, the deities of Greyhawk have an answer to this dilemma. You'll see what I mean. Enjoy. -Mortellan

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