November 23rd, 2006: Gobble gobble! This week we gives thanks for Greyhawk in print. Sometimes we praise it sometimes we don't care and then there's Greylore that just ignites controversy and reminds us why we rabidly love Greyhawk. The Core Beliefs article on Wee Jas in Dragon #350 is one of those things. Wee Jas's vanity has always been a favorite aspect of mine, but now apparently she is more than that. Wee Jas (according to Sean K Reynolds) is now in addition a LOVE goddess!! She is both the patron deity of arranged marriages AND elopments. Wee Jas just keeps getting more and more diverse with each publication, no wonder she is hotly debated over online. In honor of the Ruby Sorceress you are cordially treated to a RARE double-helping of this comic, featuring Wee Jas at her most vain. Eat up!