November 2nd, 2006: This week is the second part of the great myth of Raxivort versus Graz'zt. Supposedly after having robbed Graz'zt's armories of magic and weapons, Raxi led a slave revolt that resulted in him taking over half the plane. After this conflict Raxivort inexplicably makes a deal with Graz'zt and leaves for his own realm (the Black Sewers)in Pandemonium! Well that's not exactly how it happened... You'll see what I mean. Enjoy!
Oh yes, some side notes. In keeping with my parody of a certain special Saturday morning cartoon, I use the identity of a Demon Lord aptly named Pazrael. This is in truth Pazuzu, but here, I'll let Ripvanwormer explain it: Demon Lords. Lastly I'd like to point out the debut of a certain Witch Queen in this issue. Her and Graz'zt are a whole OTHER story indeed!