October 5th, 2006: This week's topic covers the all too well known canon escapades of St. Cuthbert getting involved in mortal affairs on Oerth. Despite the non-intervention pact of the gods, Cuthbert seems to work the system and break it on occasion. See what I mean. Enjoy!
BTW, despite what Nerull alleges...St. Ceril the Relentless, a central figure in Palish lore, is also one of the little known Lords of Gloaming. St. Kargoth the Betrayer, a Knight Protector of the Great Kingdom, is famed for becoming the first Death Knight created by Demogorgon. These two in addition to St. Eleador and St. Bane, are found in Scott Bennie's classic Dragon Magazine (#79) article: "Setting Saintly Standards".