Aug 9th, 2006: What nice timing! My 80th comic strip falling on the same week as my second annual trip to Gencon. And to celebrate both I have another W.o.G SPECIAL! Last year if you recall we did the Return to the Return to White Plume Mt. It had a great reception. This year I have done something different but just as interactive for you, a Quiz! If you have used the internet and been on a forum of any kind, by now you've taken those silly quizes that seem to ask a bunch silly of questions then tell you who or what type of silly person you are. This is my modest attempt to make a Greyhawk themed D&D quiz. Play around with it, see if my system work, let me know if you have any opinions on the questions and results. They are tried and true scenarios which I am sure you will all be familiar with. Have fun and enjoy.