Aug 3rd, 2006: This week features the unlikely pair of Zilchus and Pelor. Pelor, I must first explain is known Oerth-wide if not Prime-Material plane-wide apparently(Mayaheine being proof). Each place Pelor goes he is depicted of that ethnicity. So while he is nominally Flan, Pelor is also an Oeridian named Sol, or a Baklun named Al'Asran. If you don't believe me, check out the excellent work being done for Greyhawk at wikipedia: wiki on Pelor
Now, Pelor's religion is known for its charity work for the poor and Zilchus is known for well, quite the opposite. So I was musing one day, what it would be like if Zilchus was once in charge of Pelor's finances. Thus you see the possible origin of Pelor's multi-ethnic identities. Enjoy.