July 20th, 2006: This week debuts two new WoG deities, Kurell god of thieves and jealousy, and Sotillion goddess of Summer, South Wind and Comforts. Both were featured in Dragon Magazine #263, the Lesser Oeridian Gods by Andy Miller. Of note in this strip is the subplot of Kurell spurning his lover Atroa, to go after her sister of Sotillion who ends up not with him but instead his rich brother Zilchus. Well besides being a mundane nature goddess, Sotillion is quite a handful, read this excellent forum excerpt by Rasgon:
Sotillion is lazy and luxurious, the mistress and mother of pleasure. She is Queen of Sheba, the Whore of Babylon, sultry and decadent though not malevolent. She believes all should experience the same pleasure as she; as goddess of hot southern winds and siroccos, her influence can cause cold, wet weather in northern climes and unbearably hot weather in the south - she is often careless and flighty with her duties, seldom taking them seriously. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she assumes good things will come to those who wait for them without much effort. She was spoiled by her older brothers and sister, and she married Zilchus for his wealth. Hedonists and epicureans praise her, as do those who seek solace from their labors. Again, they might have nothing to do with agriculturists or the other gods of the wind. Compare her to some versions of Bast - not the vengeful Eye of Ra, but the contented cat laying in the sun. Now let's see how Zilchus handles her. Enjoy. -Mortellan