Aug 24th, 2006: The contest is over. Thanks to all who contributed their ideas. It was a good turnout for this second contest and I had a hard time choosing my favorites. Winners should email me at for details on how to claim their prize. Now without any further delay, the winners and many of the best honorable mentions: -Mortellan

The Winners

Trithereon (reading door): "I prepared explosive runes this morni..."

These two clued in on the fact that Drelzna is on the other side of the door and I'm a sucker for anything Iggwilv related. So I had to split the award for a third person!

Heironeous: Dammit, Tritherion! You said, "Have a little fun, see Iggwilv's hot daughter, slay some demons..." Nothing about a boooooooring riddle trap, I am soooo out of here.

Tritherion: "The left door says 'Do not disturb my daughter. I.' and the right door says 'Party girl inside. D.' "
Heironeous: "I have a bad feeling about this. Iggy doesn't have much of a sense of humor."

Honorable Mentions

Heironeous: (Whispering) We've secretly replaced Trithereon's spear with a Spear of Demon Attraction. Let's see what happens.
-Valkaun Dain

Trithereon: Wait a minute. I think this is in brail.
Heironeous: Uh, you got this one.

Trithereon: ...I'm serious, it says "Enter at own risk"!
Heironeous: No, I'M serious, who said going in was a good idea!?!?
-Michael Sandar

Tritherion: "It says Dear Tritherion and Heironeous, you won't find any treasure, and is signed by Istus."
Heironeous: "figgers."

The Mines of Moria angle was also a great idea and these two picked up on it. Two thumbs up!

Tritherion: Sp..sp..spea....k f..f..f..rie....nd a..a..a....nd en..en..en..t..t..ter. No, that's not what it says. Sp..sp..spea....k f..f..IE..nd and No, that doesn't sound right either. Maybe it's...
Heironeous: FRIEND!! FIEND!! OPEN SESAME!!!! We haven't got much time! They're gaining on us! Oh...if only Boccob were here. At least he's literate.

Tritherion: "Speak fiend and enter? Speak FIEND and ENTER!? What in the Nine Hells kind of riddle is that?"
Hieroneous: "What was that splashing? Hey Tritherion, do you think there're catfish in this pond?"

and last but not least, the "Cheech and Chong Entry"! Awesome!

TRITHEREON: Hey Heironeous these faces are starting to talk to me. You think that torch has something to do with it?
HEIRONEOUS: No Way Maaaaaan.......... But we need to get out of here and get some foooooood.
TRITHEREON: Good idea, I suddenly got a bad case of the munchies.
HEIRONEOUS: Yeah me too, and I have this paranoid feeling that we are being watched or something..... lets get outta here.
-Scoti Garbidis