May 4th, 2006: This week I return to the Abyss. Way back in issue 12, over a year ago I did a strip on Demogorgon and Orcus. And more recently I did one on Lolth. However up till now I've dodged my favorite Demon-Prince of the Abyss...GRAZ'ZT! He has so much going on in canon, even more so than half the Greyhawk pantheon. He was featured on Dungeon 121's cover with Iggwilv (Wayne Reynolds rocks) but much to my chagrin he wasn't actually in the magazine. Now by some sort of demonic pact his hated foe Demogorgon has been getting more press than him! Graz'zt isn't going to be upstaged, see what I mean...Enjoy. -Mortellan

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