Aug 10th, 2011: Welcome back Greybeards! Vacations are done, July is over and school should be back in session for the kiddies. Our ongoing parody saga is back in session as well: previously on Gods in Space

Be sure to read the extra commentary below.


Mayaheine's message has been received, but not by Obad-hai. Why does she need Obad-hai? It fits the parody I suppose! Let's dissect this episode...

1. Celestian has been through alot since I started using him in this series. He's been inside a wildspace anomaly, captured by evil-universe twins and was almost blown up by his own spelljammer. Then he was nearly eaten by a fire-breathing-phase-doppleganger giant space hamster and hijacked by Woolly Rupert (the hamster of the ill-omen) before barely escaping being ate by the Quazar Dragon. Further, he was attacked by evil-Phaulkon a second time, he survived having his ship wrecked by a comet (of his making) and finally hiking across the Sea of Dust. Not bad for a lesser deity!
2. As mentioned before in the opening text crawl the Lawful Evil Empire is trying to take over Greyspace. So there has to be a rebellion of course! And who better than to oppose Hextor, than Heironeous?
3. So at last it's revealed that the artifact in question that Mayaheine held in a bag, placed a message on and then teleported to Oerth is a cube. Well that narrows it down doesn't it? :P
4. I have no idea if Programmed Illusions can be placed on artifacts, maybe its actually on the bag. What isn't certain is whether the trigger condition is being opened, dropped or something else. We shall see...I do believe this is an underestimated use for this D&D spell. In my experience that is. For the plot of this parody comic, it fits perfectly.
5. Heironeous may have been fooled by the illusion, but he's a fighter after all. On the other hand he does have an 18 Intelligence according to 1st edition. However, Celestian has a 20 Intelligence, so it's all relative I guess...

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